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By: Drumcutters  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Auger Drilling, Steel Mills, Hydraulic Motor

Standard transverse rotary drum cutters are not suitable for the excavation of very narrow trenches.  Longitudinal drum cutters were designed to meet this need.  The narrowest trench is 400mm wide which can be produced with the ER 250 L or ER 400 L.

The same limitations regarding excavator weight and rock hardness apply to longitudinal as to the standard transverse rotary drum cutters.

Due to its unique design, people have found other applications where the longitudinal drum cutter can be used.  These include:

  • excavations with complicated shapes e.g. foundations for electricity pylons and windmill electricity generators, connecting trenches produced with larger trenching machines
  • cleaning slag from ladles and runners in steel mills where care must be taken to limit damage to expensive refractory linings
  • auger drilling when used with an adaptor

Longitudinal drum cutters are limited in the depth they can go down to.  This is normally limited to the length of the drum cutter housing, the space available in the excavation to manouvre the drum cutter and ability to extract cuttings from the excavation.

Longitudinal drum cutters can be supplied with an adaptor that allows them to be used as an auger drive unit.  The cutter drum needs to be removed to attach the adaptor and augers.

No 1. ER 250 L

Suitable for excavators 7 - 15 tons 45 kW output Part of the ER 250 family of drum cutters. Drums available in 400 or 450mm diameter

No 2 ER 400 L

Suitable ofr excavators 10 - 20 tons, 65 kW output Same hydraulic motor as ER 600 transverse drum cutter

No 3 ER 450 / ER 600 L

Suitable ofr excavators 10 - 25 tons 65 kW output Same hydraulic motor as ER 400 L, ER 450L has 450mm (17.7") and ER 600 L has 535mm (21") diameter drum.

No 4 ER 1500 L

Suitable for excavators 25 - 40 tons 120 kW output Cutter drum diameter 680 mm and suitable for operation in material up to 80 MPa.

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