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We have considerable expertise in the investigation of serious drug offending. We have successfully helped companies resolve major drug problems in their workplaces. We can help you fix drug problems in yours. Please call us to discuss any drug-related matter.

DRUGSCENE designs and delivers customised drug awareness training to suit your needs. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, we prefer to personalise our training for each client. We discuss what you’d like to achieve, offer suggestions, look at various options and then we’ll come up with an awesome training package. We charge for the delivery of training, not for preparation time so there’s no extra cost to you.

DRUGSCENE delivers training for managers, supervisors and staff. From a one hour session on the dangers of P to a comprehensive two day workshop, DRUGSCENE will improve the health and safety of your staff and help you reduce the risks of drugs and alcohol in your workplace.

In addition to our customised training, we offer two “flagship” courses.


This course is for decision makers. It is designed for managers and supervisors to arm you with the knowledge and skills to effectively reduce the risks caused by drugs and alcohol. It features an in-depth look at how drug dealers operate in the workplace and shows how to stop them. There is comprehensive coverage about methamphetamine, cannabis and alcohol and “must-know” information about signs of drug use, approaching a worker under the influence, OSH legislation in relation to drugs and alcohol and the legal requirements of drug testing.

If you already have a drug-free workplace policy or if you are thinking about implementing one, this course is for you.



  • Methamphetamine (P).
  • Cannabis.
  • Alcohol


  • Drug addiction.
  • Drug dealers in the workplace.
  • What to do if you find illegal drugs at work.
  • Dealing with drug-users.
    • Signs of drug-use
    • Approaching a worker under the influence.
    • Danger signs.
    • Staying safe.


  • The Health and Safety in Employment Act.
  • Benefits of a drug-free workplace.
  • Five steps to a drug-free workplace.
    • A drug-free workplace policy.
    • Supervisor training.
    • Employee education.
    • Employee assistance.
    • Drug testing.

By the end of this course participants will..

  • Understand the risks and dangers associated with the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
  • Learn how drug dealers operate in the workplace and know how to stop them.
  • Recognise key signs that may indicate that a person is under the influence of an illegal drug.
  • Understand the legal requirements of OSH legislation in relation to drugs and alcohol.
  • Learn how to develop a drug-free workplace.


This course is designed to improve staff safety when dealing with drug users. It focuses on the dangers associated with the use and manufacture of P and provides a comprehensive look at common New Zealand illegal drugs including Cannabis, Ecstasy, Cocaine, L.S.D, Magic Mushrooms, Heroin and Morphine. A range of drug-related risks are highlighted including; health risks, dealing with drug users, danger signs, drug addiction and where to get help for drug problems.

By the end of this course participants will..

  • Know the effects of common New Zealand illegal drugs.
  • Recognise signs of drug use.
  • Understand the risks and dangers associated with illegal drugs.
  • Know how to safely deal with drug users.
  • Know where people can go for help for drug-related problems.

DRUGSCENE takes pride in the quality of our training. We have delivered drug awareness training since 2004 to a range of clients including Government departments, Corporates, businesses, community groups and individuals.

Participants complete an assessment form at the conclusion of each course which provides immediate feedback and helps ensue that your training goals are achieved.

All of our courses have been exceptionally well received as the following comments indicate..

“I highly recommend this session. Very practical. Realistic with good sense of humour."

“This is by far the best training I have been to on this subject. Very helpful for work, home and social life."

“Excellent facilitation-would highly recommend it.”

“Excellent course. Really good facilitator with extensive knowledge.”

“Awesome programme. Thoroughly enjoyed whole presentation.”

“A great session and very useful information.”

“Excellent training, delivered in a professional manner with exceptional knowledge.”

Keywords: Health and Safety