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By: Dr Sarah Farrant  05-Apr-2012
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The Vital Truth®:
Accessing The Possibilities of Unlimited Health

A book designed for those wishing to do health differently…

Dr Sarah Farrant's book is created especially for chiropractors, health professionals, and the lay public who want to learn how to tap into their own innate intelligence so they can make the move toward a more balanced life perspective with greater vitality in their life. Discover incredible breakthroughs from one of the most influential thinkers on vitalistic wellness philosophy.

Dr Farrant's controversial book is impacting the lives of both health professionals and health consumers around the world as they tune into the understanding of how they can change their health consciousness and have an impact on the health of those around them.

Dr Farrant challenges such concepts as where health comes from, how you get it and more importantly how you keep it.

"The Vital Truth® Provides Principled And
On-Purpose Health Answers.."

Dr. Sarah Farrant eloquently brings together the original works of D.D. and B.J Palmer into language and examples of what we as chiropractors understand and observe daily within the healing power of patients in our offices. This innate healing occurs on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. This book will empower and ignite your practice members, colleagues, prospective chiropractic students, and others that are seeking answers to the health questions of our society.

You will walk away from 'The Vital Truth®' stirring for principled and on-purpose health answers. Thank you Dr. Farrant for pushing my philosophical concepts to new heights!

Dr Jennifer Anacker
Chiropractor, USA

How to Systemise and Market Your Practice for Profit: 67 Closely Guarded Secrets to Using Everything You Already Have

Dr Sarah’s recent addition to the chiropractic profession and your practice growth is titled "How to Systemise and Market Your Practice for Profit: 67 Closely Guarded Secrets to Using Everything You Already Have." Dr Sarah says the secret to running a committed business with a clear vision is to create successful systems and marketing. This product will enable you to see where you're leaving valuable amounts of money on the practice floor. It's the perfect resource to compliment any practice or business owner wishing to capitalize on all opportunities!

Grab it today and receive the physical product at the ebook price! Oh and did we mention there are 3 free bonuses and free shipping!

102 Daily Inspirations Quote Book

102 Daily Inspirations is a flip top quote book - perfect for your healthcare practice’s reception area or welcome area. With poignant quotes, Dr. Farrant explores where health comes from, how you get it and above all how you keep it.

Sit, ponder a question and then open a page. You will be amazed at the certainty behind what is revealed to you!

Vital Inspirations:
A Visual Representation of Vitalism

The secret to running your business like a million-dollar company is all about getting "back to the basics". This inspirational DVD will educate and entertain your practice members with the basics. It's the perfect professional internal promotional tool that will help you convert and retain clients.

Dr Farrant’s simple and clear vitalistic message will inspire your clients to new levels of awareness and gratitude for health and healing. A Vitalistic paradigm shift first begins in the mind and these high quality images and messages will assist your clients to choose care for life.

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