Full Of It! - the shocking truth about gluten

By: Dr Rodney Ford  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Gluten-Free

This book is about the connection between the brain and gluten-grains.It documents the brain-grain link.

It reveals the alarming fact that gluten can directly damage your brain.  Have you ever wondered why you crave for another hunk of bread?  If something that you ate was bit-by-bit eroding the ability of your brain, then you would want to know what this food was.  It is gluten!  One-in-ten are affected by gluten - and you might that the one.  Read the evidence for yourself.

Key Features

This book reviews the world medical literature on how gluten is linked to a vast number of brain and nerve problems.
It links gluten to: ataxia, migraine, ADHD, autism, depression, epilepsy and psychiatric disorders. It shows how gluten can disrupt your brain’s regulation of your gut causing mayhem in your bowel, including reflux.

Find out how:

*Gluten upsets your nerves and brain
* Gluten makes you sick and grumpy
* To cure your headaches and migraines
* Experience abundant energy
* Restore your energy
* The secret to happy children
* Chase away depression and bad moods
* Find out what blood tests to get
* Going gluten-free can change your life.

ISBN 0-473-10407-5  (192 Pages)
Author: Dr Rodney Ford

Keywords: Gluten-Free

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