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By: Dovestones Software  06-Dec-2011
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Wouldn't it be great if you could find the true last logon time for every user and computer account?

With True Last Logon you can clean up your Active Directory by easily identifying unused or obsolete user and computer accounts based on their true last logon time and account status.

True Last Logon handles the complex task of identifying the true last logon time of any Active Directory account (user or computer) by querying all the relevant Active Directory Domain Controllers. It displays this along with detailed account information, enabling you to apply filters and perform bulk actions on the results.

True Last Logon makes it easy to identify accounts in need of attention, e.g. disabled, locked, never logged on, or with a non-expiring password, and then to deal with them in bulk.

  • Accurate True Last Logon Time
  • Detailed account status
  • Automate reports and bulk changes
  • Powerful bulk administration tools
  • Move, Delete or Disable redundant accounts
  • Command line operation
  • No server components or agents to install
  • No changes to Active Directory required

True Last Logon displays the following Active Directory information:

  • Users real name and logon name
  • Last Logon Date & Time
  • Last Logon Timestamp (Replicated value)
  • Account Expiry Date & Time
  • Enabled or Disabled Account
  • Locked Accounts
  • Password Expires
  • Password Last Set Date & Time
  • Logon Count
  • Bad Password Count
  • Expiry Date
  • You can also query for any other attribute (Example: Description, telephone Number, custom attibutes etc)

I must say this is the best bit of software I have ever purchased!

Mark Fuller, Network Manager, Notley High School

Command Arguments

True Last Logon is ideal for helpdesk staff and system administrators. Old or redundant accounts can be moved, disabled or deleted from within the program, or you can choose to print or save the results.

True Last Logon supports command line operation:
TrueLastLogon.exe /file:c:\export.csv /path:OU=Sales,DC=Domain,DC=Com /leaveOpen

I recently had to rebuild my laptop and I felt like a fish out of water without these tools. Thank you very much..I would also add, for what it's worth, not only are the tools great for everyday use, but we use the True Last Logon particularily for Sarbanes-Oxley specific auditing procedure

Paul Veeneman, Chief Technology Engineer, Hawkins Inc.

Keywords: High School, Last Logon, Server Components,

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