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By: Dotcommojo  06-Dec-2011
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How to Order Neotrope's Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Marketing Services

Getting Started
To order our search engine marketing and keyword optimization services is essentially a three-part process: first, choosing the service(s) you want from our ; second, going to our and adding item(s) to your "cart," and providing payment info; third, providing your website and keyword information. The visual guide, below, walks you through the basic steps in placing an order for our keyword marketing services. All services must be ordered through our secure order system.

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Which Service Plan is Appropriate For Your Site?
Generally, if your goal is to improve your site placement in search engines, our DotComMojo service is sufficient. If your goal is to be ranked in the top ten under numerous keywords and phrases related to your company and service offerings, then our DotSorcerer plans will be more appropriate (our DotSorcerer plans are our most popular offerings). Alchemy Positioning is usually only of interest to those companies who rely on keywords to drive their revenue and cannot afford to be lower than their competitors in the major search engines' results.

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There are NO ongoing or monthly fees for this service and rankings will continue even if you do not use our service again in the future. Three months of placement in our "Level-2" system to "jump start" your rankings. DotSorcerer™ Keyword Optimization and Contextual Marketing Services.


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Includes free e-Book explaining how to optimize your site for proper META tags and the top-10 things you must and must not do to improve your "ranking potential" based on our many years of experience in achieving top rank results. Guaranteed Placement in Inktomi-Powered Engines With all and service plans we also include guaranteed placement every week in the Inktomi database.


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Everything else has proven to be worthless, will definitely result in hundreds of spam messages, and may get your site blocked from major search engines which count those links as "negatives" when assigning "weight" algorithms to your site popularity.


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Proven Contextual Marketing Results Neotrope's most powerful keyword marketing solution, called Alchemy Positioning™, includes the best features of our ™ keyword optimization and ™ search engine submission services with ongoing consulting and maintenance of your site content to ensure the highest possible keyword placements.


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The Magic + Science of Search Positioning sm Because there is a certain amount of science mixed with hands-on "finesse" in our methodology this is how we ended up with the "magical" aspect to our service plan names. It's All About the Context sm What makes our contextual marketing solutions so effective is our proprietary, which allows us to develop and deliver content "in context..


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Guaranteed Placement in Inktomi-Powered Engines With all and service plans we also include guaranteed placement every week in the Inktomi database. Absolute Bed and Breakfast FFA. Art PRO Texas Search Engine.