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DotComMojo Enhanced Search Engine Submission Services

Make Sure Your Site Can Be Found
Over 75% of all Internet users find what they're looking for online by using a search engine like Yahoo! and Google. The simple fact is that if your website is not properly listed in these site directories then your site will not be found.


More than a Search Engine Submission Service
Our service is much more than just search engine submission — it's a support program to help you improve your website, and it's a network of "high weight" websites we manage which link into your content "in context" using our proprietary ContextEngine™ technology. This combination is what makes our service so for our clients, and ensures that their site can be found.

  • Extensive placement of permanent links to your site content from our network of long-running, highly-spidered content sites to increase your "ranking potential." This system, powered by our ContextXpert™ technology helps web surfers to find you "in context," or where they are specifically looking for you.
  • Spam-free stealth e-mail account used so you don't receive hundreds of bogus advertising offers based on link list submissions.
  • Submission to many popular "award" and "site of the day" sites.
  • Two-phase submission method provides guaranteed successful submissions, including manual submission to sites that don't allow "automated" submission of your website. This includes a leading database that is used by Google.

Price List for DotComMojo Enhanced Search Engine Submission Services
(Effective August 1, 2003)

  • DotComMojo BASIC PLAN
    Search Engine Submission + Contextual Linking
    $249.99  (US$, one-time fee, per domain).
    Package includes monthly submission of your site to all major search engines and selected ("worthwhile") link lists and business directories for one year. Ensures your site is submitted to new engines which launch, and resubmits your site to link lists which expire in 1-30 days from submission. Guaranteed weekly "spidering" of your site and content by the for 12 months. Permanent placement in the Neotrope ContextEngine™ system (at "Level-0"), providing links to your website "in context." Includes free e-Book (PDF) explaining how to optimize your site for proper META tags and the top-10 things you must and must not do to improve your "ranking potential" based on our many years of experience in achieving top rank results. Comprehensive "pre-spider" of your site using our proprietary system to determine if search engines will be able to see your META data properly. Unlimited use of our free METAmaker META tag generator. No other consulting or evaluation of your content is included, and no hands-on modification of your site will be performed. There is no better value (about $20 per month, over the course of one year) in promoting your website. May be renewed at end of 12-months, and can be upgraded to plan at any time.
  • DotComMojo EXPERT PLAN
    Search Engine Submission + Press Release Distribution
    $349.99  (US$, one-time fee, per domain).
    Identical to "Basic Plan," except includes 2 hours of consulting and/or hands-on update of your homepage for META-data.

Advanced Keyword Optimization and Ranking Solutions
If you need the highest possible rankings for your website under specific keywords and phrases, you should consider our DotSorcerer™ service.

Guaranteed Placement in Inktomi-Powered Engines
With all and service plans we also include guaranteed placement every week in the Inktomi database. Inktomi (now owned by Yahoo!) powers many of the top search engines outside of the "Google Universe," including:, HotBot, LookSmart, MSN, Overture,, Blueyonder, Espotting/FindWhat,, GOO, Sonera Plaza, TOCC Search,, and many more. Inktomi automatically "spiders" your site content to find relevant terms which it will include in its search database.

All services are offered subject to our of Service (TOS) as outlined on our order form. DotComMojo is a unit of ®, established 1983.

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