Doorkeepers, Michael and Linda Livengood - Experiencing God's presence

By: Doorkeepers  05-Apr-2012

Word directed, unified prayer will move God’s hand. God says to ask ask  ask!!  When we ask specifically focusing on promises, truths and the instructions in  God's Word you are praying powerfully and in God’s will. These two in one  books will build your faith and increase.

  Strategic scripture on fourteen areas: Revival, Souls, Spiritual Warfare,    Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, Church, New Christians, Families,    Leaders of Countries, Schools, Jerusalem, Healing, Deliverance, and    Seeking God.

  Strategic scripture covering six areas to help you in praying where you    live: Calling to Assemble for Prayer, Identificational Repentance, Praying    in Repentance, Open Up the Heavens, Praying in the Harvest; and Sing,    Shout, and Proclaim.

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