Sound, Video and Lighting for School Balls

By: DJ Entertainment  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Primary School, Decorations, Sound System


Imagine a room full of people and over half of them on the dancefloor. Now stand still for a moment and feel the power of the sound system pushing your entire body. You need to tell your mates who are dancing only metres from the speakers that a group photo is about to happen, to your amazement you can actually talk and hear each other without SCREAMING!


Through the haze you notice the big projection screen and realise the Dj is playing music videos. The dance floor is packed and then suddenly you burst out laughing when you see your mates try to copy the same dance move as on the screen. You now hear two songs playing at the same time, the screens show the vidoes blending together, the visual effect is amazing and it sounds really cool the way the Dj is mixing the music. You now feel like you are in a niteclub.


The dance floor is filled with bubbles and the intelligent lighting effects are beaming through the hazy smoke changing colour and shape to the beat of the music. You are so amped from the preball party you can’t resist the temptation to dance, then a sudden burst of the strobe light really gets ya going.

From primary school discos to high school socials, cabaret or school ball, senior leavers and more - here are some ideas to help your occasion be a fun memorable success.

Themes for school balls and school socials

Choosing a theme for your school social or school ball will create a lot of fun. A popular movie, a sporting event or a time in history can be the inspiration of your theme. Our DJ package can be tailored to include UV lights for glow in the dark parties or large mirror balls for an 80's or retro night.

Decorations for school balls and school socials

Hire props and extra lighting effects to create a vibrant school social atmosphere. Use the art department to create painted murals. A simple and possibly the cheapest way to decorate are balloons, select colours to enhance your theme. Some fabrics and materials will not reflect UV light so when planning a glow party, be careful to chose the correct type of materials

Games and Competitions for school socials

The first and most simple competition are those who are best dressed in theme will win a prize. Look for the best dancer or encourage students to a dance competition. Our DJs are also happy to provide dance instruction and fun games including bike races and even allowing a student to actually demo their own Scratching skills on our DJ equipment.

Fund Raising for school socials only

A school social is a perfect way to fund raise. Sounzgood DJ Entertainment will discount our rates up to 75% for school events held on weekdays. A fun theme with an experienced DJ playing the right mix of music to cater to everyone, combined with an impressive DJ package in a decorated venue will guarantee a successful and memorable school social.

Keywords: Decorations, Dj Entertainment, Primary School, Sound System, Strobe Light

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