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By: Diveworx  06-Dec-2011
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A core part of Diveworx Ltd business is housed within the New Zealand Film and Television Industry. Diveworx Ltd can offer your Production Company;

- Professional advice on accurate diving procedures
- Diving Safety Protocols
- Local Laws and relevant Legislation
- Highly professional and qualified Commercial Divers for tasks ranging from Actor doubles and Stunties to Set Decoration and Construction.

Laws, Legislation and Administrative Requirements

Occupational Diving - diving performed in the course of employment for gain or reward. (irrespective of whether or not diving is the principal function of employment or mearly adjunct to it) It has the same meaning in the quidelines as diving work.

It is important to note that a Production Company that employs a diver or dive team without all relevant administrative documentation inplace could find themselves at risk of litigation in the case an incident or accident were to occur.

Scope of Operations

Diveworx Ltd has the scope to provide for any in-water designs a Film or Television production may require.
- Diving Co-ordinator and Administrative Management
- Actors and Stunt Divers
- Underwater Camera Operator and Camera Operator Assist
- Underwater Set Construction / Set Dressing / LX
- Actor Training and Compliance

Diving Co-odinator and Administrative Mangaement

Getting the most out of a days diving all comes down to preparation and experience. Our Dive Co-ordinators will manage the set to ensure a smooth, safe operation as to yeild maximum results. Pre dive management also requires close communication with regulatory bodies. Our management team is on a first name basis with Department of Labour HOD's.

Actor Doubles and Stunt Divers

Our "Front of Lens" divers are highly experienced, (often Instructors) hold current Medicals and C.o.C's and most importantly are set savvy, can take a que and are experienced under direction.

Underwater Camera Operator and Camera Operator Assist

Diveworx Ltd is able to feild a team experienced in Underwater Camera Operation and Assisting Underwater Camera Operators to get the right shot through a variety of formats such as Digital HD Video and Digital still's.

Specialist equipment to assist Directors to communicate with Camera Operators underwater is by using "state of the art" Buddy Phone through water communications and OTS Guardian full face masks. Since time underwater is limited due to air supply and weather conditions, having the ability to frame up shots without having the Camera Operator return to the surface for Direction each time is a valuable time saver! A thorough familiarisation prior to use of the Guardian Mask and Buddy Phone is required for Camera Operators who have no experience diving in a Full Face Mask.

Underwater Set Construction / Set Dressing / LX

Diveworx Ltd are specialists in Blacking-Out or Greenscreening any sized Pool using a combination of Scaffolding and Rigging equipment to provide a seamless background for the camera. Our skill set also encompasses the talents of a world class stunt rigger for the instalation of Zip Lines, Ratchets, Scaffolding Towers, Camera Platforms and Lighting Rigs. Fine tuning and adjustment can then be directed to the Divers by the Stunt Co-ordinator, Art Director or Lighting Gaffer.

 Actor Training and Compliance

To ensure the "Star of the Show" looks like the real deal on Film, Diveworx Ltd has experience in Diver Training that spans decades. Our Instructors will provide training to your leading Men and Women that will make them comfortable, skilled and Safe with all aspects of the diving practice they are required to perform. This ensures that on the day the ability to obtain the right shot in a timely fashion is easier to achieve.

Film and photographic diving is diving work carried out by film, photographic and video production staff, including actors. It does not include any construction diving activities.

Logistical assistance with obtaining a Dive Medical and Limited Certificate of Competence is a part of this service.

Keywords: Dive Team, Diving

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