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By: Direct Marketing Advantage  06-Dec-2011
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Coffee mugs / Printed glassware

A cup of hot coffee is indeed very relaxing and more than half of the Americans savor a fresh cup of coffee at least once a day. This has given impetus to the business of manufacturing beautifully designed coffee mugs in the US. An enormous variety of unique coffee mugs are now hitting the market. Designs and styles keep on changing depending on the needs and preferences of the customers. This can be attributed to the dynamic environment of today. When coffee is served in an inferior quality coffee mug, it tends to spoil the whole taste. On the contrary, when you serve it in a exquisitely designed coffee mug that speaks of high quality, it adds to the taste. Nobody relishes espresso coffee that is served in a tiny porcelain cup. There is a wide array of coffee mugs and printed glassware available in the market in diverse shapes, sizes, color and designs.

Common Materials

Mugs can be made from a large variety of materials such as glass, stainless steel, plastic and porcelain. Hybrid coffee mugs are most often made from plastic. Stainless steel finds its way as an outer covering for protecting the plastic cup. They make excellent traveling cups. When you shop for a coffee mug or any other printed glassware lay emphasis on its strong construction. The conventional porcelain mugs are preferred for their ability to retain heat. They are, however, not found to be very durable and are highly prone to scratches and breakage.

Popular Styles

Coffee mugs bearing imprints of cartoons are in vogue. They are especially popular among young children who get mesmerized by the vibrant colors and designs. Mugs having quotes and thoughts are also widely sought after. You’ll be bewildered to find such amazing shapes of coffee mugs and other printed glassware. There is a coffee mug to suit every budget and taste.

Right Choice of Coffee Mugs

If you are planning to throw a formal party that would be graced by sophisticated people and wish to serve them hot coffee, porcelain coffee mugs are just apt for the occasion. They come in soothing colors that are very pleasing to the eye. They are known for their smoothness. In case you want to host a casual party for your close friends, you can treat your guests with hot chocolate coffee well served in exclusive plastic coffee mugs or perhaps stainless steel coffee mugs. Printed coffee mugs and glassware are also gaining immense popularity as a promotional product.  They can prove to be valuable business tools when it comes to creating brand awareness.

Keywords: Coffee Mugs, Coffee Mugs and Printed Glassware, Printed Coffee Mugs, Printed Glassware

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Coffee Mugs and Printed Glassware

Quite all right they may tend to be more expensive and may not be able to guarantee the kind of public penetration known to be part of other widely used forms of advertisement, their biggest advantage is their longitivity in the minds of those who possess them. You may also employ printed coffee mugs to be used as gift items and of course as you give out these gifts, information on your company services has been boldly printed on it.


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