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Keywords: Rehabilitation, Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests

Hearing tests from newborn to adult.

  1. Hearing tests from newborn to adult.
    Hearing can be tested very accurately at all ages, using a wide range of tests.
  2. Fitting Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation.
    We fit all styles, brands and models of hearing aids. We can select hearing aids to suit your hearing, lifestyle and budget. We have all the equipment to fit computer programmable hearing aids and to check the performance of aids.
  3. Auditory processing assessments [listening skills] from age 7 years to adult.
    Some people have more problems with listening skills rather than hearing. They often find it hard hearing in background noise, or hearing unclear speech. With children they may have delays in reading and spelling. Testing and rehabilitation programs can be performed when auditory processing problems are suspected.
  4. Tinnitus and hyperacusis counselling and retraining.
    Tinnitus (noises in the ears or head) and hyperacusis (extra sensitivity to sounds) can be assessed, so that appropriate rehabilitation is provided.
  5. Custom-moulded earplugs for swimmers, shooters and musicians.
    Protection from loud sounds is an important way of preventing hearing loss. Custom plugs are often better at controlling the sound in the environment, and are usually more comfortable to wear than off the shelf products.
  6. Cochlear implants assessment and counseling.
    Our trained staff can discuss the benefits and problems associated with cochlear implants, and are able to carry out assessments when needed. (Cochlear implants are not the best option for everyone).
  7. Hearing Therapy.
    A therapist offers a number of options for our clients. They are able to counsel on hearing loss and can help with any manipulation and care problems associated with hearing aids.
    • Auditory Training – assistance with making best use of residual hearing / hearing instruments.
    • Communication skills – effective use of conversation strategies.
  8. Repair services.
    We have technicians on site who will either repair hearing aids in house or send them out to the supplier for any major repairs.
  9. Hearing Aid supplies and accessories.
    We stock a range of hearing aid batteries, wax traps, cleaning tools, lubricating creams, etc.

Keywords: Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests, Programmable Hearing Aids, Rehabilitation

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