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By: Digital Recovery  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Data Recovery, Storage Device

At Digital Recovery, we’ve been magicking data back for a good long time now. Our success rate is well over 90%, so we’re pretty confident we can help you too. Even when data loss seems really bad, we can almost always recover your files. We’ll take on any kind of data loss problem:

  • accidental file deletion;
  • physical damage to a storage device (water damaged drives, scratched discs and so on);
  • formatting or “fdisking” of a disk or card;
  • viruses wreaking merry havoc with your files;
  • power failures or surges causing file corruption;
  • full-scale file-system corruption;
  • and let’s not forget raids which have fallen over.

It’s all old hat to us. With resources ranging from specialised data-recovery applications, to swap-in circuit-boards for just about any hard drive, to a clean-room where we can actually open up disks and correct physical faults—we’re fully equipped to take on any problems.

Got data loss?

If you’re reading this, you probably know too well the symptoms associated with data loss. But if you’re not sure whether you should drop us a line, here are a few good indications:

  • your storage device won’t fire up, or is silent when it shouldn’t be;
  • conversely, it makes noises when you’re pretty sure it shouldn’t;
  • or the device seems okay, but isn’t detected when plugged in;
  • or files on it have weird icons, or just seem to be garbage when you open them.

Can we fix it?

People often worry that we might not be able to work on their particular storage device. We’d like to put your mind at ease. You can forget all the acronyms and jargon. You probably don’t have a clue whether your drive is IDE or SATA or SCSI. And who can tell one kind of flash memory from the other dozen? You’re probably stressed enough without having to figure out the technical specifications of your thingamabob. So, let’s just say that there hasn’t been a consumer storage device invented that we can’t get data off.

How much will it cost?

Data recovery companies have a bit of a bad rep for being expensive. In fact, some of them will downright rip you off because you’re desperate and don’t know better. We think that’s disgusting.

Keywords: Data Recovery, Storage Device