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By: Digital Doctors  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Web Design, Data Recovery, Hard Drives

Virus Removal

A bad computer virus can really ruin your day luckilly Digital Doctors is here to help.

With broadband being common place when you do get a computer virus they come down hard and fast and usually they get backup pretty quick.

The problem with new viruses is that they are getting very clever at disabling all the programs that usually stop them and/or remove them but never fear we have the programs and skills needed to remove any virus and keep your precious data safe and intact through out the process.

Slow PC

Sick of having a slow computer?.

Over the years our computers get so clogged up with programs that we have long since forgotten about and some that we have never even used.

All these programs are taking up much needed computer resources from the tasks that you really need to do.

Computers are just like anything, once and awhile they need a good spring clean.

Don't buy a new computer, if your computer was fast enough for you when you got it then why not let Digital Doctors restore its former glory maybe even adding some more go fast bits.

Changing from Dial-up to Broadband or from Wired to Wireless?.

No matter what your needs are we can help and without any technical 'mumbo jumbo'.

Hardware Repair

Have you ever looked inside the fragile eco system that is the internals of your computer?.

If you have you'll know its all very delicate and from time to time things will go wrong but dont worry Digital Doctors can repair your hardware whether it be a broken screen or a defective hard drive any problem you are having we can fix or replace.

We wont offersolutions with absorbitant costs either, its all gotta be an economical repair for our clients and us.

Web Design

Digital Doctors are also avid web designers and can give you that web presence every business needs at an affordabe price.

Unlike other companies we dont believe in having different packages with limited pages or limited features as every client is different.

Instead just get in touch with us, every project of ours is custom to the client and we promise it'll work for you and whatever needs you have.

Data Recovery

Our data is precious and alot of the time its centimental and irreplaceable.

If you think your hard drive is dying in the slightest the best option is to shut it off and dont try turning it on as when hard drives die sadly there isnt always much time to recover your data.

Data recovery is a rewarding part of life as a Digital Doctor and we take it very seriously and will always endeavour to retrieve those seemingly lost family photos.

Frustrating Errors

Dont let a computer give you the sensation of pulling your hair out and teeth grinding.

If you have an error that just wont go away then give us a call, we have had year experience in diagnosing your problem and quickly and effectively solving it.

Usually we will fix you problem in the comfort of your own home and if not we offer free pickup and drop off.

Unlinke other companies we only charge for a solution not for diagnosis time.

Keywords: Data Recovery, Hard Drives, Web Design