Diamond Light Vision » Messages from Mother Mary

By: Diamond Light Vision  06-Dec-2011

Diamond Light Vision » Messages from Mother Mary

“The flower waits patiently for sunlight to shower upon its petals and whilst waiting,  the flower meanwhile plays in soft wind, swaying to the weight of the working bee holding to the faith that it will be basking in the sunshine before long. Ever faithful of  the Source. Be like the flower dear one’s and become ever faithful to your inner self. For  faith will bring unity, grace and harmony to heart and mind – and as you  rise to morning song of bird-life or retire beneath evening moonshine spend a few minutes in prayer; reach out from your heart, and pray that matters which bring you distress are quickly solved through the power of faith. Ask those in the spiritual realm for help if you find yourself faltering, we are here for you always. In joy of the Light, Blessings to You.”  Mother Mary.

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