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By: Diamond Decorators  06-Dec-2011
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Exterior Painting:  Preparation

At all times we will use drop sheets to protect your belongings and to prevent wind drift and all other means to protect your grounds and those of your neighbours

This is an example only, we will give you a full detailed quote when we meet to discuss your painting needs:
  •  We use our own scaffolding that complies with all OSH regulations.
  • We are members of Site Safe.
  •  Harmful pollutants and dirt build up is thoroughly washed off.
  • All loose paint is removed before further sanding and smoothing may be necessary to obtain top aesthetic appeal.
  • Loose nails are reset and re-puttied where necessary.
  • Loose silicon is removed and replaced and we ensure that all gaps are filled with new silicon to ensure weather tightness.
  • Primers are applied to all bare wood and metal, concrete and plaster to ensure adhesion and also prevent future peeling.
Interior Painting:Surface Preparation

All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the fresh paint.

  • All blemishes that could "bleed through" the new paint are treated with appropriate primers or sealers. These include watermarks, pen marks and smoke stains.
  • Loose paint and imperfections are scraped and sanded away.
  • Cracks and holes are repaired with the appropriate filler then sanded and primed.
  • Acrylic sealers are used to neatly fill any gaps between different surfaces.

Finish Exterior and Interior
  • We finish off with two top coats of selected paint.
  • Any excess paint is removed from windows.
  • All work is completed in a neat and professional manner by qualified tradesmen who are polite, friendly and work efficiently.
  • Touch-up paint is left for future convenience in labelled containers.
  • Wast materials, by-products and used solvents are disposed of safely, properly and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Keywords: Paint, Qualified Tradesmen

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