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By: Design Lines  06-Dec-2011

Written on November 15th, 2009 by Kylie no shouts

The building act is being reviewed. Here are the details from the DBH website:

As part of the Government’s regulatory reform programme, the Building Act 2004 is being reviewed in response to concerns from the public and the building and construction sector about:

  • Implementation of the Building Act at council level
  • The costs and complexity of the building consent process
  • Delays and costs caused by councils being too risk-averse in the building consent process.

The aim of the review will be to reduce the costs associated with the building control
system in New Zealand, without compromising quality. The review seeks the following results:

  • Quality homes and buildings produced through an efficient regulatory framework
  • Informed decisions by consumers and confidence in the building and housing market
  • A productive sector where homes and buildings are built using the right skills and knowledge
  • An efficient and cost-effective regulatory system.

The review will look at the Act in its entirety, but particularly to see what could be
changed to make building control cheaper and more efficient, for example:

  • Removing building regulation that adds cost but is of little benefit
  • Streamlining building consent requirements and reducing the amount of work requiring a consent
  • Providing consumers with more information about their rights and responsibilities, and better systems for getting disputes resolved
  • Greater incentives for quality performance of sector professionals
  • Streamlining administration of building regulation
  • How the use of smart technology could improve building consent processes.

Any changes to the Building Act 2004 as a result of the review will affect
all New Zealanders, but particularly councils, building officials, practitioners and homeowners.

Terms of reference for the review are available:

The Building Act Review will be carried out by the Department of Building and Housing.

A reference group has been established with representatives from the building and construction sector and consumers to ensure the sector’s issues are addressed, and to advise on review recommendations.

The review may also establish working groups to provide more detailed input into the review’s work.

The Minister for Building and Construction announced the Building Act Review on 27 August 2009, and work is already underway by the Department of Building and Housing.

Opportunities for reform will be identified by the review team and reference group by the end of 2009.

Reforms that do not require legislative change will be implemented immediately, while opportunities requiring legislative change are targeted for implementation in mid-2010.

The Building Act Review will initially look at where immediate improvements can be made. The public will have a formal opportunity to contribute in early 2010.

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An extension to this refurbished kitset house, added a large Lounge/Entertainment area linking the house to the Garage, & opened the link between the buildings to create an attractive Entry. This simple house with a large basement, was transformed into large family home with lovely open spaces upstairs with sea & Mt Taranaki views. The array of decks allow numerous indoor/outdoor locations to view the port from this tranquile position.