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By: Derceto  05-Apr-2012

We highly recommend our clients opt for an annual Support and Maintenance Agreement. It gives you 24/7 technical support and free selected upgrades and ongoing analysis of how the Aquadapt software is working within your system.

Support and Upgrades

Your Support and Maintenance Agreement gives you a priority response from our support team. Service Requests can be made via your secure online account and you can track progress and add information. It also entitles you to selected Aquadapt software upgrades, free! These can also be downloaded from your secure account. This support covers reconfiguration of your Aquadapt system to cover normal growth and general modifications to your system, so your Aquadapt system expands as you do. 

Ongoing Analysis

The Support and Maintenance agreement also enables you to have ongoing analysis of your Aquadapt system to see how it is working and the results it's getting. This analysis can range from cost savings, to pump efficiency and flow smoothing.


The Support and Maintenance Agreement also gives you ongoing training for new staff or new features. Training manuals are always available through your online account, but we can also arrange for an experienced Derceto staff member to come onsite.

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Derceto Aquadapt

Dramatically escalating energy costs, environmental pressures, rigorous water quality standards and an aging workforce all have a major impact – yet you still have to constantly deliver safe, reliable water at a reasonable cost. Since its first implementation in 1999, the software has been continuously improved, taking in the learnings and varying operational requirements of water utilities in North America, the UK, Korea and Australia.


Introducing Derceto Aquadapt

The Aquadapt system schedules pumps and flows into lower cost energy periods while still satisfying storage and pressure requirements. Aquadapt software takes full advantage of this characteristic to minimize energy costs by optimizing valve and pump schedules. This can be achieved through the careful interaction between pumping and water storage. Energy companies typically charge more for energy consumption when demand is high.


Latest features

Valve Control from Characteristic Curve – using valve characteristic curves the Aquadapt Solver can use its own calculations of predicted upstream and downstream pressures to set valve position and produce an expected flow. Pump Station Control by Pressure – functionality to control individual pumps and valves to a pressure setpoint has been expanded to control a pump station by a single pressure set point.



We work closely with our clients throughout the customization process to make sure all client interfaces and functionality incorporates current operational processes, and operators and engineers are comfortable with how the software works and how it will improve operations.