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By: Derceto  05-Apr-2012

Derceto Aquadapt™ version 5.12 was released in December 2011. This version builds on the award winning Aquadapt 5.0 platform, incorporating many of the new features requested by our clients. These new features and dashboard screenshots are detailed below.

The many new features incorporated into Aquadapt 5.12 include:

  • TCP/IP Communications – replacing broadcast/multicast communications to the operator panel with dedicated TCP/IP links improves reliability and removes the many limitations broadcsat communications had in Wide Area Networks. the result is faster and more robust communications with greatly reduced network overhead.

Supply summary screen

Demand summary screen

  • See water demand zone by zone for any day, week, month or year.
  • Great for the UK water industry Table 12 reporting requirements.
  • Monitor your average demand and compare with typical demands for each zone so you can see demand growth over time.

Pump station summary screen

  • For each pump station, see which pumps were scheduled to run, and which pumps actually did run, and when.
  • See the expected flow and the actual flow and monitor energy consumption for each tariff period.
  • Track your most efficient and least efficient pump stations in real-time.

Derceto solver performance

Track th e performance of Derceto Aquadapt: Solution time, number of successful solutions in the day and database read and write times provide valuable information.

  • Is the system constrained causing loss of solution?
  • Have solve times gone up?

These can be indicators that it is time to upgrade the solver constraint data to reflect changing conditions, thereby giving Aquadapt the best possible starting conditions.

Rank pump stations by efficiency, energy or flow

The Dashboard analyzes the data in the historical and live databases to present information on pump station performance. Use this real data to track and compare pumping efficiency and direct maintenance and refurbishment to areas where the most cost-effective returns can be achieved..

..And then drill down into real pump curve data with actual operating data points plotted on both the pump curve and efficiency curve.

Derceto Aquadapt™ version 5.9 was released in April 2010. This version builds on the award winning Aquadapt 5.0 platform, incorporating many of the new features requested by our clients. These new features and dashboard screenshots are detailed below.

The many new features incorporated into Aquadapt 5.9 include:

  • Aquadapt Dashboard – enhancements to this user friendly reporting and management package with improved pump curve data, energy and efficiency data displays and much faster response times.
  • Engineers' Operations Simulator – This module allows the simulation of ‘what if’ scenarios based on historical data. It builds on the live simulator but runs from the offline Aquadapt server and allows for editing of additional inputs such as tariffs, pump curves and demand profiles. The results compare what Aquadapt did on the historic day to what Aquadapt would do under the scenario conditions.
  • Valve Control from Characteristic Curve – using valve characteristic curves the Aquadapt Solver can use its own calculations of predicted upstream and downstream pressures to set valve position and produce an expected flow. Flow control is therefore achieved without additional instrumentation.
  • Pump Station Control by Pressure – functionality to control individual pumps and valves to a pressure setpoint has been expanded to control a pump station by a single pressure set point.
  • In-Plant Water Use Prediction – Treatment plants always use a certain amount of treated water for operations and backwashing. Aquadapt can now predict when this water is likely to be used and the total volume expected to be used. This improves its scheduling predictions for the production plants.
  • Bulk Water Sales – Now a user can enter a total volume and let Aquadapt schedule the best time and flow rate to transfer this water at lowest cost.
  • Physical Pump Status Display – The 10 minute pump status data is now displayed on each Operator panel facility page.
  • Real-Time Energy Pricing Data Acquisition – In addition to interfaces to the US PJM real-time market, Aquadapt now has interfaces to the Canadian IESO via ITRON software and the Energy Direct market in Georgia. This demonstrates the flexibility of interfacing to any source of pricing data from internal client databases through to SOAP based XML sources on the Internet.
  • Pumping to Zones with Below-Grade Storage – Aquadapt can supply pressure to zones while simultaneously controlling the filling rates of below-grade storage. It maintains required in zone pressure while filling storage as economically as possible.
  • Multi-Site Support – Now even the largest or most complex systems can be handled by Aquadapt, with support for multi-core CPUs for increased solve speed on large problems through to multiple computers working together for widely distributed but loosely coupled systems.
  • Physical to Logical Modeling Tools – Work with actual pump curves, valve and storage tank details in the new graphical database view, confident that Aquadapt will convert these ‘on-the-fly’ into the real-time data used by the Solver.
  • Improved Variable Speed Drive Modeling – New techniques for modeling complex variable speed drives extract even better savings through explicit performance targeting
  • Improved Operator Interface – Feedback from our users has lead to subtle changes to the operator view screens to improve readability and streamline the layout.
  • Improved Demand Forecasting – Using Loess Filtering which handles even the fastest-changing demand patterns with ease. Myriad tuning parameters makes this technique configurable to a wide range of client requirements on a zone-by-zone basis.
  • Pressure Meters – these instruments in the distribution system are now explicitly handled with new objects in the database. These can be used for pressure control or pump curve recording.
  • Faster Network Performance – The Operator Panel now uses batched SQL queries to reduce network traffic and improve speed on high latency networks. Where remote sites are viewing operator screens over slow networks page updates have improved 15-fold in speed.
  • SCADA Interface Speedup – Using batched OPC reads and writes has reduced network traffic and dramatically sped up SCADA data collection. Some systems have seen data collection update times drop from 20 minutes to under 10 seconds as a result of this change, freeing up bandwidth.
  • New SCADA Interface Standard – As well as our standard OPC and ODBC interfaces, Aquadapt now supports the new Microsoft ‘Web Services’ XML standard interface to SCADA systems.
  • SCADA Read is Now Multi-Site and Multi-Node – Where multiple SCADA systems are installed at treatment plants, distribution operations centers and pump stations, the new Aquadapt SCADA interface sets up multiple parallel data collection paths including provision for redundancy in communications.
  • Remotely Restarting Clients – All of Aquadapt’s client applications are thin clients and can run anywhere on a WAN. When new updates are rolled out these clients often need to be restarted to take advantage of the new features. Rather than rely on staff at each site to run this process the clients can be restarted through remote calls from our server, with the brief interruption likely to be unnoticeable by the users. This prevents outdated versions of interfaces like the Operator Panel being present on the network.
  • Send Calculated Values to the SCADA System – Some clients want to display values calculated by Aquadapt on the SCADA screens. The new SCADA Write module now allows any value calculated by Aquadapt to be passed to the SCADA system and it will then continuously update these values.

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Derceto Aquadapt

Dramatically escalating energy costs, environmental pressures, rigorous water quality standards and an aging workforce all have a major impact – yet you still have to constantly deliver safe, reliable water at a reasonable cost. Since its first implementation in 1999, the software has been continuously improved, taking in the learnings and varying operational requirements of water utilities in North America, the UK, Korea and Australia.


Introducing Derceto Aquadapt

The Aquadapt system schedules pumps and flows into lower cost energy periods while still satisfying storage and pressure requirements. Aquadapt software takes full advantage of this characteristic to minimize energy costs by optimizing valve and pump schedules. This can be achieved through the careful interaction between pumping and water storage. Energy companies typically charge more for energy consumption when demand is high.


Support & maintenance

This support covers reconfiguration of your Aquadapt system to cover normal growth and general modifications to your system, so your Aquadapt system expands as you do. Training manuals are always available through your online account, but we can also arrange for an experienced Derceto staff member to come onsite.



We work closely with our clients throughout the customization process to make sure all client interfaces and functionality incorporates current operational processes, and operators and engineers are comfortable with how the software works and how it will improve operations.