DeltaValves: Butterfly Valves

By: Delta Valve  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Connections : Wafer pattern, Semi Lugged, Fully Lugged, Double Flanged, Butt Weld
Sizes : 50mm to 1200mm
Pressure range : 150 to 2500 lb
Approvals : BS5155, ISO5752, ISO5211, API609, API607 rev 4, BS6755

Material Options:
Body – DI, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Ali Bronze, Cast Iron, Alloy steels.

Disc – DI, EPDM, Stainless Steel, Ali Bronze, Alloy steels
Seat – EPDM, NBR, CR, FPM, PTFE, Stellite, Metal

Keywords: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

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Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Connections: Flanged, ANSI 150 -2500, Screwed NPT/BSP, Butt or Socket Weld.Class 800. Design Specs: Steam, gas, Liquid service, Petro-chem, cryogenic. Wafer pattern, dual plate.Quick opening Globe.


DeltaValves: Actuators

Scotch Yoke heavy duty actuators suitable for offshore/petrochemical environments.Carbon steel or ductile iron construction, welded spring cartridge and plated cylinders. Switch Boxes Full range of IP65-67 boxes available in polycarbonate, Aluminium and stainless steel with 3D visual indication. H ydraulic and Electro HydraulicRack and pinion, Helical and scotch yoke actuator designs available on indent.


DeltaValves: Ball Valves

A44 three piece ball valve for general purpose use.Available in a variety of materials with a range of end connections.Suitable pressures from full vacuum to 207 Bar g, 8mm to 25mm.Up to 138 Bar g, 32mm to 50mm, 69 Bar g for 65mm and 50 Bar g for 80mm to 150mm.Comply with BS.5159, EN ISO 10497.


DeltaValves: Control Valves

Trim: Single and Multi stage, MLT, soft seat, Stellite 6, Balanced and unbalanced.Trickle trim, linear, equal percentage and semi throttle. Double and Tripple offset designs, soft or metal seat, fire safe, Geothermal full stellite duty, Double block and bleed. Control Options: Cylinder or diaphragm pneumatic, hydraulic and electric,4-20 mA positioner, digital controlers.


DeltaValves: Humidification & Hot Water

ELECTRIC HUMIDIFIERS The Humidi Clean electric humidifier includes five disposable inserts made of fibrous medium.Called ionic beds, these devices attract solids from the boiling water, preventing the solidsfrom plating out on the heating elements or on the tank walls.Tank cleaning is minimized and effective service life is extended.


DeltaValves: Pressure & Temperature

Temperature regulators designed to control the output temperature on a wide range of applicationssuch as: storage tank heaters, open tank heating coils, air heater units, engine and compressor cooling systems.Valve sizes and connections: 15mm to 50mm with screwed end connections.