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By: Delta Alloys  06-Dec-2011
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Forging is a manufacturing process in which metal is pressed, pounded, or squeezed under great pressure into high-strength parts. This is usually done by heating the metal and putting it through the dies of a forging press. The two basic types of forgings that Delta Alloys can supply are open-die forgings (forged block, rectangular and round bar) and rolled or forged rings. All forgings are descaled and can be machined to a near net shape if required.

Heat Treating

Heat Treating is the controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. Delta Alloys offers Quenching, Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, Surface (Case) Hardening of Aluminum, Titanium, PH Grades of Stainless and Alloy Steels.


Delta Alloys offers a variety of Material Testing including, but not limited to analysis of chemical composition, mechanical properties testing as well as Hardness, Fracture Toughness, Creep, bend, fatigue and other testing as per the most stringent aerospace specification and customer requirements. Non destructive testing includes Ultrasonic, Mag Particle, Eddy current, Dye penetrant inspection and others upon request.

Cutting, grinding

Delta Alloys offers various cutting services, such as plate cutting, shearing, abrasive and plasma cutting as well as waterjet cutting to any intricate shape and size. Delta Alloys also offers surface, rotary, planer milling, and abrasive belt grinding of sheet, plate, flat bar and tube polishing according to customer requirements and industry standards.

Chemical milling

The chemical milling process or chem-milling selectively removes material while maintaining structural strength where needed. Delta alloys offers chem-milling or/and chem-sizing of aluminum, titanium and stainless steel sheets, the thickness as thin as 0.010" or less can be easily achieved using chem-mill process to produce super lightweight yet strong parts.

Coil leveling

Leveling enables us to convert coils to straightened and cut lengths. This means savings in costs and lead time to customers who need flat sheets in non-standard length and widths. 48" and 60" wide coils can be leveled to any sheet length and slit to final width if required. All sheets can be PVC laminated on one or two sides upon request.

Export Packing

Export packing is done on site and every piece of material shipped from Delta Alloys is packed in Heat Treated wooden crate only according to ISPM-15 requirements, suitable for Air and Sea Freight to any destination in the world

Keywords: Metals, Stainless Steel