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Each Individual is entitled to a copy of their Credit Report. Here at DebtColl we can provide you with details on how to obtain a copy of this report, give advise on how to raise a dispute on the report and give you information on what requirements are necessary for creditors to have loaded a default on your Credit Report. We provide you with information on how to have an enquiry removed or updated. You identify anything that you believe to be incorrect with the reporting agency. For a fee of $39.95 Incl. GST (excluding reporting costs) . We will provide you with a document that outlines what you should do, how to raise a dispute and how to obtain information that is required in order for this default to be listed.

There may be a number of incorrect inquiries or default listings against your name that may have been incorrectly loaded or the credit report may not be reflecting your true credit position.

You may have a repayment arrangement in place with a creditor, negotiated a settlement or a Summary Installment Order however your personal credit report may not reflect the correct balance or status.

It is of most importance that this report reflects true and accurate information for obtaining correct credit assessments when applying for finance or even future employment.

Here at DebtColl we have trained professionals that deal with financial providers and reporting agencies on a daily bases and have designed procedures and letters that reduce the amount of run around an individual may experience, therefore reducing your time and energy dealing with difficult situations.

Our trained professionals knowledge of certain legal requirements for loading or making enquiry lodgments on your credit report, therefore we are able to have certain enquiries removed or updated to reflect your true correct information.


Has your motor vehicle or goods been repossessed and you not to sure on your legal rights to get it back, require professional help?

Here at DebtColl we can help, our trained professionals have the experience of dealing with financial and other institutions in negotiating a win/win solution.

It all depends on your current situation and at what stage the repossession may be at.

Have you received a default notice?
Default Notice – What To Do Document * $29.95(Incl. GST).

Has a repossession agent visited you?
Repossession Agent – What To Do Document * $29.95(Incl. GST).

Has the asset just been picked up? Have you been advised the asset is to be sold?
Asset Repossessed / Asset to be Sold – What To Do Document * $29.95(Incl. GST).

DebtColl Limited have designed set documents to assist you in certain areas of the repossession process, these documents will outline requirements that need to have been or be met by the Companies involved. These documents may assist you in your negotiations with the Company involved.

* What to do documents are supplied as a guide only; as to what action may be taken and are not supplied as legal advise. If you have any doubt please contact DebtColl Limited directly for professional services or obtain Legal Council.


How Debt Settlement Works - What We Will Do

How Debt Settlement Works:
An Alternative to bankruptcy, or if you are not current on your debts and have a history of late payments; a settlement program can improve your credit rating, get you back on track, and help preserve your credit for the future.

Negotiations and settlements are positive, unlike bankruptcy, which should be your choice of last resort.

What We Will Do:
Here at DebtColl our group of expert negotiators will settle with your creditors for a dramatically reduced amount. The creditor will be aware that you have found an alternative to bankruptcy, thus you will have an opportunity for future credit.






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DebtColl Limited can provide ledger analysis and make recommendations as to possibly selling off your bad debts to a third party or hire someone for a period of time to maximize your return. DebtColl Limited can provide your Company with cost benefit analysis on your bad debt ledgers and prepare Time Value reports and recommend the best solution for the ledger.