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By: Dave Miller - Environmental Engineer  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Septic Tanks, Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Treatment

Total Design Package

Dave Miller offers a wide range of services related to designing and improving septic tanks, sewage treatment systems and wastewater treatment systems. He also educates people who install them. For most people, the most important service Dave offers is meeting the client on site to investigate and discuss the full range of sewage treatment and disposal options available.

Totally Independent
Since Dave is totally independent and has no financial involvement with any product, manufacturer or installer, he can provide cost estimates for each option and discuss these further to help his clients to select the most appropriate system for their site and requirements. He can then prepare a full engineering design to council specification for the selected option.

Best System at Lowest Cost
This is where Dave's experience, knowledge and, most of all, independence comes into its own. By using Dave's independent design service his clients are guaranteed the best available system and the lowest cost.

Beware of Pitfalls in using 'System' Agents
With a number of plumbers, and even some tank manufacturers, acting as agents for particular sewage and wastewater treatment systems and offering 'free' designs as a means of selling their products, the advantages of a truly independent designer are becoming even more important. Customers who don't investigate all the options first can end up with a treatment system that meets their plumber's financial wishes rather than their own needs.

Dave Saves Clients sewage problems and Money
It's a well-known fact: The best sewage treatment systems are the ones that cause the least problems. Sewage systems can cost a lot of money, but if you get it wrong it can be a major inconvenience and a substantial cost to put it right.

Unless you study the conditions and requirements and compare all the options, how will you truly know what is the most cost efficient system?

Dave's advice and expertise can save his clients a substantial amount of money. Check out these figures:

• A Marae committee had to install a new sewage system before it could proceed with a kitchen upgrade. It had received an estimate for $75,000 to install an aerated treatment system, but this would have required most of the money available for the kitchen upgrade. The local council suggested the committee contact Dave and he designed a treatment system which was installed for $25,000 and produced an effluent quality 10 times better than that produced by the aerated treatment process - a saving of $50,000 and a more appropriate system.

• A Hawkes Bay woman needed a sewage treatment system for her new house. A local plumber, who is also an agent for a particular treatment system, quoted her $9000 for that system. She thought this was a bit high and decided to contact Dave, who designed a system that was acceptable to both the woman and the local council and cost just $6000 to install - a saving of $3000.

• A school relocating to a former Social Welfare hostel would have had to spend $70,000 for a new sewage treatment plant. Dave was able to reconstruct the existing sewage system to the required standard for only $30,000 - a saving of $40,000 for the Ministry of Education and the school.

Dave travels throughout New Zealand
Dave will happily travel anywhere in the country to meet his clients. What you pay in fees and travel expenses will be minimal compared to what it may cost to rectify problems with an inferior or inappropriate sewage treatment option.

Q: If you are about to purchase a new septic tank or sewage treatment system, or upgrade an existing one, can you afford not to contact Dave Miller?

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