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Group Send

GroupSend is a PC application provided free of charge  by DATASHED to users.

GroupSend runs on any Windows XP operating system or above with access to the internet.

GroupSend will typically be used in off the shelf self-managing situations using either "keyword" access for users via DATASHEDs generic short code in zero rated MO or MT applications. Or end user MO paying applications like $0.20 or $0.50 or $0.99 where the mobile user is paying for a service of information.

GroupSend allows your customer database to be managed either via simple entry or a CSV file importing function.

In out-bound customer contact applications (Target Marketing and Specials, Customer Loyalty contact etc.) GroupSend provides the user with a simple to use interface to send messages singularly or in groups, or the ability automatically parse (read) a file with information to be sent as SMS messages.

In in-bound customer servicing applications (Customers requesting information or a service etc.) GroupSend provides the user with a simple to use interface to review incoming messages and respond.

In all cases GroupSend will manage the Opt-out process, so that a mobile user can terminate the relationship. GroupSend will automatically move a mobile number in its database to the Opt-out state on receipt of such a message from a mobile.

GroupSend solutions can be set up for a minimal fee plus an ongoing monthly fee per month for a minimum 6 month term. Please note that with applications using MO & MT $0.00 rated connections there will be a per SMS fee billed each month.

Variable SMS price options are available;

  • MO & MT $0.00
  • MO $0.20
  • MO $0.50
  • MO $0.99

MO - Mobile Originate, MT - Mobile Terminate

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