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By: Database  06-Dec-2011
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Definition of custom software
Our custom software service provides a tailor made software solution to address a specific need. To get straight to the point, this is usually database technology configured for you. A small business may need just a simple Microsoft Access solution that runs on one PC, while a larger business may demand much more powerful tools allowing them to span many sites or reach clients through a web portal to the Internet.

What it does is entirely up to you. Here are some examples of some custom software solutions

  • A rental company. The system handles bookings, a bonus system for top clients, late returns, tracks breakages and maintenance.
  • A manufacturer needing traceability to meet quality standards such as raw materials traceability, manufacturing tolerances, serial number tracking, warranty claims etc.
  • A travel company needing to track client’s bookings, accommodation, car rental, home stays, tours, boat cruises. The supplier invoicing and payments and also the client deposits, payments and itineraries are closely integrated.
  • A community services trust wanting to manage beneficiaries needs, the care providers and all the services available.
  • The benefits of custom software
  • It does what standard off-the-shelf software cannot do.
  • The solution fits your business strategy very closely.
  • It embraces the things that make your business different.
  • Unnecessary complexities from unwanted features are eliminated.
  • You don’t have to change the way your business operates to suit some alternate poorly fitting software.
  • It’s easy to change to suit your growing needs.
  • It’s sized right for you.
  • It helps automate your business and eliminates many wasteful processes that may be happening now.
  • You get better visibility and more meaningful information.
  • Often it’s easier to use or learn than the previous system.
  • The benefits are long term.
Custom solutions and standard software comparison
A custom software solution offers a single platform to address your whole need. Integrating your important processes can improve efficiency significantly. In comparison, standard off-the-shelf software rarely achieves integration as it’s too generalised and not a proper fit for your business. That leads to multiple systems which don’t work together creating all sorts of inefficiencies such as duplication, reduced business automation, errors and lack of flexibility.

Choosing the right technology
The best place to start is in understanding what you really need. The choice of technology comes soon after. The solution we provide you will be developed upon one of the leading mainstream technologies.

When we first meet with you we come with no preconceived bias. We are just as interested as you in first establishing if our skills are right for your job. Once we understand your needs, the next step is for us to recommend the right solution and what underlying technology it’s based upon.

What is right for your business?
Custom software solutions are possible for almost any sized business. Select one of the following links to find out more

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