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Debt Raising and Project Finance Arrange debt financing for long-term business or project finance purposes and advises companies on all aspects of optimising their capital structure within a multitude of industries. Private Capital RaisingDalgety Finance Group & Associates assist companies to source capital for early stage development, to further support organic growth and/or assist expansion by acquisition.

TURGIEV Family Trust
'As importers of diamonds, jewellery, etc. we deal mostly in foreign currency, and Kit organised an account where we can pay directly to our overseas manufacturers, hence cutting commission costs and bank fees..In conclusion I can say that it is Kit's commitment, expertise, intellect, style & vast experience and most importantly trust and integrity that makes him as successful as he is.'
Franz Schwanner, International Gem Traders Ltd
'Kit has been extremely helpful and productive in introducing me to people and situations that have benefited my investment opportunities in New Zealand..'
Richard Berridge, Landscape Architect
'Kit has been instrumental in accessing and forming fiscal partnerships with capital investors..'
Lee West, McRae Ship Repair
Murray Hardy, Hardys Heathly Living

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