Dairy Grazing | Specialists in carry over cows, weaners, hiefers, bull leasing and winter grazing

By: Dairy Grazing  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Dairy, Heifers, Bull Leasing

Dairy Grazing | Specialists in carry over cows, weaners, hiefers, bull leasing and winter grazing

It is important to have dairy replacement heifers well grown and to reach maturity and calving target weights so they give optimum lifetime performance in terms of production and fertility. Too often heifers are not given priority especially on runoffs, other properties or even at home when the milking herd is given priority over them.

Light heifers never reach their full potential in terms of production and fertility and are not able to exhibit their full genetic potential which is an expensive waste.

Dairy Grazing Ltd, managed by Warren Davey with over 20 years in the dairy industry, can offer you top grazing with first class graziers on some of the best TB free farms in the Waikato-King Country andCentral Plateauand producingconsistent quality replacement heifers that will give lifetime profitable production.

  1. A legal contract ensures the responsibilities of both parties are clearly defined.
  2. Having a third party involved gives protection and avoids hassles to both parties.
  3. Dairy Grazing supervised, worry free, quality grazing with animal health charges and drenching included in the grazing fee.
  4. Heifers are regularly monitored and weighed. Regular reports are sent to the owners.
  5. Target weights are set so the grazier is well aware of what is expected.
  6. It is an incentive scheme. Payments are based on weight gain, so there is a mutual benefit for the owner and grazier.
  7. Monthly automatic payments help spread the costs.
  8. The breeding programme is supervised.  Quality tested bulls provided if required.  AI is available as an option.
  9. Pregnancy testing is available
  10. Transport can be arranged.

Keywords: Bull Leasing, Dairy, Heifers, Winter Grazing,