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By: Cynortic  06-Dec-2011
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Water Guard Gold System:

The best Whole House Water Filtration System with UV Sterilizer. Suited for all houses on rural water supply, who are dependent on rain water, surface water, river- , lake or bore hole water. Filters and sterilizes, protecting you and your family against water born diseases from bacteria like E.Coli, Giardia and Crypto. These bugs can create havoc with your body's health system. Now no more "boil-water" notices, the Water Guard will take care of all your water needs. People generally think of drinking water, but consider the dangers, when brushing your teeth, having a shower or bath and general use for cooking and drinking.

The "Cynortic" Ultra Violet Light Sterilizer comes with a powerful 95W US lamp. A German Electronic Ballast ensures trouble free operation for many years. The Ballast has a dry-relay contact, so you can add an external alarm, a flashing light or a shut-off valve, in case of lamp failure. The ballast has red and greed LEDs and a build-in siren, to alert you to any lamp failure. But with an extra long life, now rated at 13,000 hours ( about 18 months) this lamp is lasting longer and stronger then most other UV lamps. ( normal type of UV only lasts for 12 months before replacement is needed)

And the Best of All - we have designed and patented a unique  UV  - Lamp Cooling System for the Water Guard.

During periods of non-use, the water temperature in the UV chamber can rise up to 75 degrees C. This is bad for the Stainless Steel chamber, as it expands and contracts all the time, thus weakening the material, leading to cracks in the joints. It also shortens the life of the UV lamp. A high temperature in the UV chamber will also burn calcium deposits into the surrounding Quarz Sleeve, which will then require regular cleaning.

By cooling the UV chamber, we avoid the above noted problems and at an even water temperature of about 40-45 C.  the UVC transmission is at its best performance.

Just a logical development for our next generation systems - KIWI ingenuity at work!

 Water Guard Platinum System with Clear or Blue Filter Housings:

Commercial Premises require large flow rates and therefore an even stronger system. The Platinum system is similar to the Gold System in appearance, but has some major difference in performance.

The "Cynortic" Ultra Violet Light Sterilizer is superior and with a different and extra powerful Amalgam Lamp rated at 130W and providing a UVC dose in excess of 40mJ/sqcm at a flow rate of up to 130 ltr./min. For large premises with high flow rates, it is recommended to install two, three or more systems in parallel to achieve the required sterilization capacity. Every system comes fully assembled and has an additional SS Solenoid Water Shut-Off Valve as well as a Needle valve to control the flow of water. In case of lamp failure, the solenoid valve shuts off the water, thus safeguarding the water supply against any contamination. The advantage of having two or more systems in parallel are obvious. In case of a failure of one lamp in one system, not the whole of the water supply will be cut off, but only from the faulty unit. The other units will continue to function, albeit at a lower flow rate.

Size and weight: approx. 100cm x 50cm x 25cm, weight 36kg

NZ No. 1 for -  Quality - Workmanship - Components - Price - Service                                

If clean and safe drinking water can increase your cows milk production by near 10% - imagine what would it could do for you!

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Water Guard Platinum System - with NSF 42 Filter Housings: for all Rural and Commercial Premises, like B&B's, Camping Grounds, Country Schools and Food Preparation Premises. Water Guard Gold System - with NSF 42 Filter Housings: for all rural Houses and Farms on Tank Water with a powerful "Cynortic" Ultra Violet Light Sterilizer rated at 95W.