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By: Cynortic  06-Dec-2011
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High Quality 304 SS Fittings  

Now with Patented UV Lamp Cooling System, for longer Lamp Life.

Both Water Guard Systems are build with : 3-Stage Filtration with 10" BB Jumbo Housings. 2 liquid filled differential pressure gauges show, when filter change is required. 2 Shut-Off Ball Valves for ease of servicing. First filter housing contains a 5 Micron Pleated and re-usable filter, 2nd housing contains an activated carbon block filter to remove chemicals. toxins, bad smells and odors, 3rd housing contains a 1 Micron Poly Prop filter, to remove even the finest of sediments from your water supply. The filtration is followed by a powerful UV sterilizer, to safeguard against water born diseases, bacteria, E.Coli, Giardia and Crypto.

Water Guard Gold System - with NSF 42 Filter Housings: for all rural Houses and Farms on Tank Water with a powerful "Cynortic" Ultra Violet Light Sterilizer rated at 95W. Flow rates of up to 100 Ltrs./Min. are sterilized at a strong UVC output of 30mJ/sqcm. only Australian $ 995.00

Water Guard Platinum System - with NSF 42 Filter Housings: for all Rural and Commercial Premises, like B&B's, Camping Grounds, Country Schools and Food Preparation Premises. New Amalgam Technology UV lamp at 130W provides total safety at 40mJ/sqcm. Includes SS Flow Control Valve, Solenoid Water Shut-Off Valve in case of lamp failure. only Australian $ 1,295.00

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For large premises with high flow rates, it is recommended to install two, three or more systems in parallel to achieve the required sterilization capacity. This is bad for the Stainless Steel chamber, as it expands and contracts all the time, thus weakening the material, leading to cracks in the joints.