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By: Cycleways  06-Dec-2011
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Workshop Overview

We can basically do anything!

We can repair any type of bike from the very basic to high-end competition bikes both mountain and road which require top class mechanical expertise. No job is too big or too small! Regardless of the repair, we will get you back on your bike as soon as possible. With prior notice we can have it done in a day.

At Cycleways, our aim is to provide you with professional & quality repairs at a realistic price.

We have four main services which have a basic structure. This can be altered to suit your needs or choose any of the services from the menu. (Combining services is often cost effective, for example combine a fork service with any of the set services and reduce your fork labour cost by 10%, this is because it’s much more time efficient to do whilst servicing other parts of the bike) If you have a budget for your repair, we can work around that too. If the repair is likely to exceed your budget, we’ll contact you to discuss your options so there will be no hidden surprises when you come to collect your bike.

All repairs are guaranteed. Prices do not include parts unless otherwise stated.


Safety check

This is a safety assessment of the bike and all assemblies.

The check includes a general lubrication of applicable parts (i.e. chain, derailleur pivots and springs) and basic tuning of the gears and brakes.


General Service and Tune

This is a very popular service which keeps your bike running well and on top off most things.

This service includes:

  • Remove and true wheels
  • Adjust and lube derailleur’s - Tune gears
  • Check derailleur hanger and straighten if required
  • Check main bearings
    i.e. hubs/headset, bottom bracket (adjust if required)
  • Adjust brakes, calipers, pads and cables
  • General check and tighten of all stem bolts, cranks bolts, brake bolts etc
  • Lube all cables, mechanisms and chain
  • Test ride and clean


Annual Service

Again this one of our more popular services. We encourage our customers to complete this service on an annual basis or after an event with heaps of river crossings or generally very wet, this service will circumvent any wear issues due to water penetrating hubs and bottom bracket.

The annual service includes the same as the general service and tune with the addition of:

  • Clean drive chain
  • Remove and degrease cranks, chainrings, chain and cassette
  • Remove bottom bracket and grease cups and threads
  • Clean and lube derailleur’s and pulley wheels
  • Grease hub bearings
  • Adjust cones and locknuts


Complete Service

This is a full strip and rebuild.

The bike is stripped from top to bottom cleaned and detailed.
This service is the general service and tune and the annual services combined with the addition of:

  • Strip headset, clean and grease
  • Replacement of both gear cables (inner and outer- cost of cables included)
  • Replacement of hub bearings (loose bearing cost included, sealed replaced only if required p.o.a if required, if not replaced sealed bearings will still be greased)
  • Rims, hubs, frame cleaned and detailed


Fork servicing

Fork servicing is really important to minimise wear and keep them working as best as possible, servicing starts at about $50.00 not including oil or seals.

  1. Fox fork service $129.90 (includes seals, wipers and oil).
  2. Other brands P.O.A (but generally similar costing to fox)



Shock servicing depends on brands of shocks.

  1. Fox shock services. $149.00 (includes all parts, oil and freight)
  2. Fox air can/sleeve services. $69.90 (includes seals)
  3. Other brands P.O.A


Brake Servicing

Brakes need adjusting or repairing?

  1. Hydraulic brake bleed. $30.00 (includes oil) per caliper
  2. Hydraulic brake service - includes bleeding, lubricate caliper pistons, cleaning pads and rotors, straightening rotor. $45.00 (includes oil) per caliper
  3. Hydraulic brake caliper service - caliper split, pistons and seals either greased or replaced, bleed. $50.00 (does not include parts)
  4. Conventional brake adjust from $10.00 per end


Linkage service

This is a great service to do annually to check out linkage bearings and bushes and either grease or replace as required, keeping the rear end working optimally (does not include parts)


Gear Tune

Front and rear derailleur tune, includes resetting of derailleur limits, derailleur and chain lube, checking of hanger and straightening if required.



Wheel repairs

People are often amazed at what we can repair; we don’t repair if we feel it’s not a safe option.



Wheel builds

We use only top quality spoke brands and build to your requirements. We take great pride in our wheel building quality and guarantee our workmanship and parts.

Further information

This is a list of our most popular services; we do many more and can cater to your requirements.

We are capable of working on any brand of bike; our workshop is not brand specific.

Our mechanics are all shimano certified and are up to date with all the latest servicing procedures and technology from Sram, Fox, Rockshox and Avid

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Keywords: Bike