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By: Cvm  06-Dec-2011

Customer Value Management specialises in tailoring in-house seminars and workshops for the specific needs of individual clients. 

These range from brief introductory seminars through to specialised sessions on topics such as Research Standards and Guidelines for Customer Value Added or Econometrics for Customer Value Added. 

Our general seminars and workshops are:

1.  Enhancing Shareholder Value Through Customer Value and Loyalty.

Introductory Seminar

Duration - One to four hours depending on the audience and their needs

Duration - Two half days or one whole day

Introductory Workshop with business planning sessions designed to make use of information readily available to small businesses

Duration - After business hours sessions or one whole day

Intermediate Workshop
designed for managers leading
or supporting business change with several laboratory


Duration - Two days

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Customer Value Management - cva consulting

Our workshops are designed to provide a process that allows clients to take the knowledge provided by the CVA research and econometric modelling, so that it becomes alive in their own business. Customer Value Management and its associates are able to undertake this work for clients or work with clients who prefer to undertake parts of this work themselves. Consulting to work with clients on the implementation of a Customer Value project.


Customer Value Management - cvm software

Microsoft Excel-based software application that helps you extract important strategic information from your customer value database. Models reveal optimal business scenarios by quickly testing tactical changes to the main drivers of value in your markets. Customer Value Predictor is designed to complement a Customer Value Added or Relative Customer Value measurement system. Customer Value Predictor is our principal software tool.


Customer Value Management - cvm approach

While some of these approaches have come through breakthroughs in analysis of business results coupled with new ways of improving business performance, others have only been made possible by the power of the new generation of networked computers. The combination of customer value analysis techniques along with economic value analysis allows targeted improvement of customer service where it will have the greatest business benefit.


Customer Value Management - masteringcvm ordering

By Ray Kordupleski with Janice Simpson is available by direct order from Customer Value Management Asia Pacific. Mastering Customer Value Management - The Art and Science of Creating Competitive Advantage. Purchases by Cheque or Corporate OrderOrders shipped within 24 hours of receipt of cheque. Credit Card PurchasesCredit card purchases can be made at our CVM Bookstore.


Customer Value Management - cva info

One of my greatest pleasures and rewards is being able to share the knowledge about Customer Value Management that I gathered over the years as Director of Customer Satisfaction at AT&T. So I am going to share with you what I've learned at AT&T and over the last few years, working with companies like Fletcher Challenge New Zealand, Nortel, Whirlpool, and Standard & Poors.