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By: Custom Concrete  06-Dec-2011
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Concrete is extremely durable and will stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time, however the sealer on a kitchen benchtop is where deterioration can occur.  As the kitchen benchtop is a high-use area and constantly exposed to water and other liquid products the sealer can tend to wear and breakdown.  This is particularly true if a penetrating sealer is used which provides you with a more natural look.  Topical sealers can also be used but this gives the benchtop a more "coated" look and quite often darkens the concrete.  Wear and tear of a penetrating sealer is not an issue for concrete in areas with less use e.g. hearth, vanity, furniture etc.  On this basis we now only produce concrete bench tops suitable for outdoor areas, vanity tops, bbq tables.  However, we offer a remedial re-sealer service for anyone wanting to tidy up or revitalise their current concrete benchtop. If you are wanting a concrete benchtop for an outdoor area or bathroom or laundry we will happily provide a quote for you.

A Choice of Style and Colour

You can choose between polished (honed) concrete or a plain concrete finish. Just about any look can be achieved for benchtops with a choice of pebbles, aggregates, and sea shells.

Coloured oxides are often used in concrete benchtops to highlight concrete’s natural properties and complement interior designs. Grey and white oxides are most popular because they enhance the natural look and style of aggregate.

Sinks and Hobs

A sink and or hob may be incorporated into a benchtop, whilst this looks great it can sometimes lead to hairline cracking around the sink or hob upon installation, however, this does not pose structural or hygiene risks.


The majority of our concrete benchtops are pre-cast off site. First we make a template from your cabinetry, then form, polish and seal the bench top in our workshop. The benchtop is delivered and installed within 4-6 weeks of templating.

Price Comparison

You can achieve this great look in your outdoor area, bathroom, and laundry for less than most composite stone benchtops.

Keywords: Concrete Bench, Concrete Bench Tops, Concrete Benchtops, Plain Concrete

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