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By: Cuppa-t-shirts  06-Dec-2011

>There are many ways to prepare yourself for a future involving man made overlords, and i for one consider myself fairly devoted to this scenario…at least i thought! It appears their are several people who have gone way beyond wearing tshirts to advertise personal commitment to this cause. These guys have tattooed bots all over themselves! of the best.

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The idea is to ionize a column of air and then surround it with a cylindrical magnetic field which prevents air from escaping from under the board — sort of like a hovercraft with an impenetrable rubber skirt. The fringe science community promises a hoverboard that floats silently at up to 12 inches above the ground — without the use of fans, jets, or any moving parts.


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We’ve got more then one EXCLUSIVE Armageddon t-shirt release, along with a super competition. Dont worry if you find yourself geographicly unable to attend the event here in Auckland NZ. We’ll be running a soon to be released competition for our online fans throughout the event. Watch this space for details.


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Since a good majority of the human world is driven by the faith of one religion or another, we thought it about time that science was treated with all the same passion and artistic beauty as any of your favourite satanic cult. Ever the optimist we also wanted to shine a positive spin on the potential of Science and our struggling Scientists trying to make a difference in todays world.


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We’ve tryed to avoid non independent companies or ‘print on demand’ style companies, however the odd few from these categories have still proven worthy of the list. Most of the featured shirts here are from small and independent designers, supporting them by picking up a shirt or two will help them pump out more amazing work.