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By: Cultbranding  06-Dec-2011
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It's difficult to grow your business when you competitors are taking your customers. Your ad campaigns may be ineffective. Time is always against you; consumer trends change too quickly. Your culture feels fragmented, each division separated into silos—marketing, operations and product development teams are all following their own agendas.

You know the results you’re after:

•    Increase your current customers' share of wallet
•    Attract more repeat business
•    Bring in new customers
•    Align your organization under common goals

But how do you do it? How do you know what will work? How do you find key consumer insights to increase market share? Read on ..

The Power of Cult Branding

Brands with cult-like customers foster undying customer loyalty, enjoy a higher profit margin, and wield a stronger competitive advantage.

Who can compete with Apple, Oprah, Harley-Davidson, IKEA, and Southwest Airlines?

These brands have customers who only want to do business with them. They know what their customers want and deliver consistently, year after year, decade after decade.

From Cult Branding to Brand Modeling

BJ’s research has uncovered the psychological underpinnings that lead to authentic customer loyalty, helping businesses create powerful brands with loyal customers through unparalleled differentiation. The Model has helped notable companies like Kohl's Department Stores and Turner Classic Movies to:

•    Create a powerful brand presence
•    Attract loyal, profitable customers
•    Develop highly-effective marketing strategies that drive loyalty
•    Produce successful advertising campaigns that generate repeat business

Now in its third iteration, Brand Model 3.0 gives marketers a fail-proof tool to guide marketing decisions that spawn growth.

Brand Modeling Provides Insights into Consumer Behavior

Over 90% of consumer behavior is unconscious. Consumers rarely articulate their true motivations, even when asked directly—most people don’t know why they do what they do. Thus, market research tends to provide the wrong answers to the right questions.

It’s up to you to forego market research and consumer focus groups so you can figure out what really motivates your best customers. Not every business can be a Cult Brand, but an effective Brand Model can help ANY leading business reinforce their brand equity, create a customer-centric organization, streamline product innovations, improve advertising campaigns, and dominate your market.

Brand Model 3.0 deciphers the code to customer loyalty by building a brand model around the humanistic needs of your best customers. It helps you predict consumer behavior by decoding the psychological motivations and behaviors of your most profitable customers. Brand Model 3.0 helps CMOs and brand managers:

•    Create better communication strategies,
•    Develop more effective products, and
•    Attract more profitable customers.

The Model helps you determine what strategies and campaigns are likely to be effective—and which ones to avoid. No other marketing tool offers such powerful predictive capabilities that lead to future success.

What's Inside Brand Model 3.0?

Taking a holistic approach, Brand Model 3.0:

  1. Analyzes consumer motivations that determine why your customers buy—what we call Brand DNA. These psychological insights offer the Secret Sauce needed for addressing your customers' needs.  From these deep-rooted insights, the Model
  2. Develops your Brand Construct revealing insights about your best customers, strategies for differentiation, the nature of the competitive landscape, and your unique brand identity. The Brand Construct gives you a powerful arsenal of branding tools to solidify your market position and make your competition irrelevant. Finally, the Model
  3. Clarifies your Brand Vision, incorporating the ideals of your customers, your company, and your brand. Your Brand Vision becomes the centerpiece of your entire organization, aligning all divisions with a common purpose.

The process to build your Brand Model includes:

•    In-depth consumer interviews with your best customers
•    Psychologically-informed assessments and surveys
•    A thorough analysis of the motivations and behaviors of your best customers

The final deliverable is presented in a hardbound book—your personal strategic playbook—as well as a professional presentation that will help you sell-in to the rest of your organization. You'll also receive supplemental research that includes research summaries as well as Brand Direction—ideas and strategies for capitalizing on the consumer insights found in your Brand Model.

Foregoing gut feelings or run-of-the-mill “standard practices” guided by tired, irrelevant market research, Brand Model 3.0 gives you the consumer insights you need to leverage what’s really going on with your business, customers, and industry. Cult Brand status awaits!

Keywords: Brand Model, Consumer Behavior, Customer Loyalty, Marketing Strategies

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Why Brand Models Are Important

Without a brand model you’re left with major uncertainty on how your present decisions will affect your customers in the future. It will track how people feel about your brand and provide the insights necessary for new product and service innovations. Although we don't have crystal balls to predict the future, we have meteorological modeling to predict the weather.


Align Your Business Teams

Picture a Cult Brand in this context, and you'll have a much better understanding of why these brands have such high customer loyalty and devoted followers. Why has today’s “connected” consumer become virtually mute to our messages, our promises. Meet one of the most insightful minds in marketing to come along in 20 years. Cult Brands aren't just companies with products or services to sell. BJ Bueno has amazing insight and contagious passion.