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By: Cultbranding  06-Dec-2011
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"What if David Ogilvy had been born in 1979? Meet one of the most insightful minds in marketing to come along in 20 years. BJ Bueno has amazing insight and contagious passion. Cult Branding will not only inform you, it will inspire you. The book contains only a sliver of the knowledge you'll get from the course."
—Holly Buchanan, Future Now, Inc

"BJ is to marketing now what Trout and Ries were 20 years ago."
—Eric Roads, CEO/Publisher, RADIO INK Magazine

Cult Branding Basics

Cult Brands aren't just companies with products or services to sell. To many of their followers, they are a living, breathing surrogate family filled with like-minded individuals. They are a support group that just happens to sell products and services. Picture a Cult Brand in this context, and you'll have a much better understanding of why these brands have such high customer loyalty and devoted followers.

In exploring the foundation from which all Cult Brands are built, you’ll better understand:

  • The true nature and essence of branding
  • The unseen mechanisms that facilitate brand development
  • The Seven Golden Rules of Cult Branding
  • How to break free from the conventions that hold most brands hostage

The Psychology of the Customer

Successful brands embrace their customers by anticipating basic and spiritual human needs. With insights into the human psyche that transcend conventional beliefs about marketing and advertising, you’ll learn how to deeply connect with the heart of your customers.

Why We Talk: The Principles of Word of Mouth

As business owners and professional marketers we’ve cast the mold on innovative ways to amplify and cultivate Word-of-Mouth (WOM) advertising among consumers. So why then have our most brilliant marketing strategies failed to produce a winning formula that consistently increases WOM? Why has today’s “connected” consumer become virtually mute to our messages, our promises? Could it be that while we’ve tried so hard to affect what people talk about to each other, we’ve overlooked the biological and psychological reasons why they talk in the first place? Have we failed to identify the core need people try to satisfy when they talk?

Keynote: $25k

More raving reviews for BJ ..

"He talked about so many different things, but particularly word of mouth and what it can mean to your business. Amongst a dozen ideas that he had there's a number of them that I can take back and apply tomorrow, and that's what makes BJ so great."
—Weezi Kramer, Regional Director, Entercom Communications

"His message is irreverent, passionate, ironic, witty, and informative. BJ gets to heart of what matters."
—Ontario Long Term Care Association

"We promise you, a day spent with B.J. is worth a whole week doing whatever else you're doing."

—Bill Eisner, Chief Creative Strategist / Managing Partner of Nonbox.

"His mind is full of powerful ideas, he told our story with magic of his own."
—Chris Kenner, David Copperfield Executive Producer

"A gifted marketing strategist."

—-Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads

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Keywords: Customer Loyalty, Marketing, Marketing Strategies

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Psychologically-Driven Brand Model Gives CMOs the Consumer Insights Needed to Make the Competition Irrelevant —

Not every business can be a Cult Brand, but an effective Brand Model can help ANY leading business reinforce their brand equity, create a customer-centric organization, streamline product innovations, improve advertising campaigns, and dominate your market. You'll also receive supplemental research that includes research summaries as well as Brand Direction—ideas and strategies for capitalizing on the consumer insights found in your Brand Model.


Why Brand Models Are Important

Without a brand model you’re left with major uncertainty on how your present decisions will affect your customers in the future. It will track how people feel about your brand and provide the insights necessary for new product and service innovations. Although we don't have crystal balls to predict the future, we have meteorological modeling to predict the weather.