Chutneys, Salsa, Jellies, Dressings, Flavoured Oils and More

By: Cuisine Scene  06-Dec-2011

Check out our delicious range of Cuisine Scene chutneys, salsas, jellies, dressings and flavoured oils below.

Almost all of our products are GLUTEN-FREE and also MADE WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES OR ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS (the few exceptions are noted in product descriptions). Diabetics will be pleased to see that our “world famous in NZ” Red Wine Vinaigrette is available in a SUGAR-FREE version, and we are working on offering this option for our other vinaigrettes.

Our range of tasty chutneys and preserves are great with meats, cheeses, nuts, sandwiches and even pizzas. From our popular BLOKE's Smokey Stout Chutney, to our traditional, fruity Tamarillo Chutney, we've got something to tempt your taste buds!

Including our awesome Lemon, Lime & Ginger Mint Jelly, with all your favourite flavours in one!  We have a variety of jellies, dips, spreads and sauces to add a little extra something to your favourite dishes.

Fabulous oils that will really pump up your roast veges, salads, marinades and dressings. Give your pizza a smooth chilli hit with our Italian Hot Oil, or add a subtle garlic flavour to your mashed potatoes with our Roast Garlic Oil.

Salsa is Spanish for sauce - and we have created a robust, chunky, sauce to add some zing to your cold meats, antipasto platter, or piping hot food straight off the BBQ. Spice up your life with our salsa!

Unique and very addictive flavours which make great dressings or additions to your favourite meals. From Morrocon, Black Raspberry, Mild Curry and many more exotic flavours, to the popular favourites of Red Wine, White Wine and Balsamic Vinaigrettes - there's something for everyone.

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Chutney - Cuisine Scene New Zealand

A winning combination of cranberries, apricots, dates and orange rind in a spicy mixture which will enhance hams, turkeys, chicken and cheeses. Just in time for the party season, here is the perfect chutney to serve with festive meals.