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By: Cuesta  06-Dec-2011
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Alpaca fibre is wonderfully warm, soft and natural and does not need harsh chemicals in either the growing or scouring processes. The fleece is also hypo-allergenic as it contains no lanolin and the finished items are breathable.

They are easy to wash by leaving to soak in a tub (in a wool wash that doesn't need to be rinsed out, available in supermarkets) for and hour or so, give a rinse and then a short, slow spin in the washing machine. Hang on a line to dry, a breeze will fluff the blankets up beautifully. Mothers have been know to wash the baby blankets in the machine, as long as it is a delicate/wool wash with 30-40% water temperature, they might thicken up slightly but will still be fine. Please avoid enzyme type detergent. The enzymes are designed to attack proteins and alpaca and wool is a protein fibre..

Colour note: Natural white apaca fleece spins and weaves up as a warm off-white (ivory). This is not dyed or bleached. The fine yarns we use at present are dyed or bleached. Prducts available change as weaving continues! Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for. Most of our products are woven with integral patterns or textures, though we can weave plain fabric if required.
To buy, before our eshop is open, contact us and we can send photos.

DescriptionWeightPrice (NZ$)
Baby Blankets, wonderfully light, soft and warm. All  hemmed and finished lovingly by hand  
Waffle or Honeycomb weave baby blanket, natural ivory with burgundy and blue highlights (850mm wide x 890mm long, approx)
Fine, loosely woven & lightweight makes for a wrap which shimmers and drapes beautifully. Woven in americal coverlet tradition with a central panel and borders, this will become an heirloom piece.
85% alpaca/30% Silk
A limited edition of 3 in red, peacock or purple, all on a black background. 2.3m x 1m approx.
Very Light$245
A warmer wrap woven in the same style using the same black background but a heavier, natural ivory yarn forming the pattern. This again drapes beautifully but will be warmer.
100% alpaca
One-off. 2.3 x 1m approx.
Fine, loosely woven & lightweight makes for a scarf which shimmers and drapes beautifully, is light as a feather but still warm.
70% alpaca/30% silk 
Navy blue/beige or Red/beige. Lengths vary
Very light$125
Warmer scarves with a pattern formed by weaving a four ply yarn over a fine warp.
Natural ivory/beige. 2m x 30cm approx
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