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By: Crystal Clear Inspirations  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Oils, Fleas, Wipes

Holistic Natural Animal Products

Crystal Clear Inspirations natural pet products are made from herbs and the gifts from Mother Nature. My products are safe for humans, as well as smelling pleasant and having the added gift of being friendly to our environment. People are beginning to realise the effectiveness of natural repellents opposed to chemically based remedies for their much loved pets. My products DO NOT contain harsh substances that can cause allergies and skin irritations and only pure natural ingredients are used. Conventional treatments contain harsh chemicals that can cause your pet harm over a period of time. I use up to 10 natural oils in my products, including lavender oil, which fleas detest, eucalyptus which aids as an anti-inflammatory. As well as promoting general wellness in your dog the oils help heal and soothe skin irritations and keep your dog's coat healthy, clean and shiny.See my Testimonials on this page.Postage & Packaging - Parcel Post $7.50 to $12.50 (within NZ)."CRYSTAL CLEAR EYES"
Eye Wipes for Cats and Dogs"Crystal Clear Eyes" are holistic organic natural eye wipes for both cats and dogs are made with Chamomile, Eyebright and other gifts from Mother Nature that are effective in clearing tear staining, red eyes, eye infections (Chlamydial infections), sticky eye in kittens, as well as the added benefit of clearing comedomes (blackheads) from under cats chins, and clearing staining from long haired cats such as white Persians, as well as breeds of dogs such as Bichons, Maltese and Poodles, for example.20 biodegradable wipes in handy sized 400g container: $17.00
40 cotton mini pads in handy sized 200g container: $10.00
TESTIMONIALS:"The eye wipes gave comfort to our old dog (breed unknown) who always seems to have red eyes. When using them on her, her red eyes cleared up. Being natural is an extra plus!"
Denise, Levin"Dear Elaine, I have used your eye wipes on both my Shaded Silver Persians with great success and also on baby kittens that have had slightly sticky eyes. With the Persians it is so easy to grab a wipe every morning and clean the face and I can see the staining diminishing. With the baby kittens I try not to use antibiotics and find the wipes so easy to use. Another use is cleaning baby faces after they have been trying mushy food, which with white kittens can lead to stained faces, but not anymore. I have taken to wiping the mum's nipples and this seems to have stopped the sticky eye spreading thru the litter or developing into anything more serious. I know when using these wipes I am not using harmful chemicals. Thank you so much for your time and effort in developing this product. I look forward to more useful items in your product list."
Yvonne Pender, BhaliHi Cattery"DOGGY LICKS SPRITZ"
Natural Flea & Tick Repellent"Doggy Licks Spritz" is a natural flea spray containing up to 10 essential oils, including lavender oil, which fleas detest, eucalyptus which aids as an anti-inflammatory. Can also be used around bedding areas. (Has the added bonus of being an insect repellent also for human use) Price250 ml spray bottle - $25.00"DOGGY NO BITE WIPES"
Natural Flea & Tick Repellent / Irritated SkinAloe Vera, Almond oil and up to 10 natural aromatherapy oil blends, including lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus. Use wipe over dog's coat to repel fleas, but also aids in healing irritated skin such as eczema or dryness, as well as adding extra shine for a healthy coat. Price $28.00 (80 biodegradable wipes)"CRYSTAL GLOW"
Shampoo for Dogs"Crystal Glow" has been made especially to repel fleas, but will also leave your dog's coat smelling clean and fresh. Over 12 natural oils have been used, including lavender oil, which fleas detest, eucalyptus oil which aids as an anti-inflammatory, as well as citrus oils leaving a fresh and natural smell. The oils used help heal and soothe skin irritations and keep your dog's coat looking healthy, clean and shiny.Price $28.00 (250 ml bottle)"CAT NAPS"
Natural Flea Repellent Wipes for Cats"Cat Naps" contains natural fruit extracts, as well as Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to combat fleas, as well as calming and soothing for your cat. Price $20.00 (80 biodegradable wipes)ServiceHappy to do my best and make a product to your pet's requirements. Other products include "Crystal Dust" grooming powder made from natural starches, as well as "Equinessence Horse Wipes" (biodegradable) to help calm and soothe horses. Packaging and Postage to be arranged. Testimonials"Jacque has pancreatitis and I have been unable to use any chemically based products on him. What a relief not only for him but myself to use the natural Doggy No Bites Wipes and the Doggy Licks Spritz on him.An added bonus for Jacque was that it cleared his dry scaly skin and left his coat looking healthy."
Irene, Levin"I have been caring for a rescue puppy, malnourished, infested with fleas and worms so the use of Elaine's natural products was great for this little chap!"
Julie, Foxton"Doggy No Bites Wipes soothed Josie's itch after being bitten by mosquitoes."
Yawahir, Levin"I use Cat Naps on both Benji and Katie with really good results. They both thoroughly enjoy the pamper and they smell really nice as well. Katie is a very timid cat, but when I use them on her she just purrs and purrs. What I like best about the wipes is that the cats are not afraid like they are when faced with a spray bottle. When I pull the container out now, they both sit waiting patiently and so far no scratching for fleas!"
Julia, Waikanae"I have used them on all four of my cats. Smooch sat with chin up waiting to be wiped - they all loved them. A winner!"
Sue, Wellington"Thank-you, thank-you, thank you, Elaine. The cat's in heaven and so am I, No more struggles with a freaked out fraidy cat, its all cuddles and purrs treating his fleas and conditioning his fur."
Joanne S. Whitby
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Keywords: Fleas, Oils, Wipes

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