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By: Crystal Clear Inspirations  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Massage Oils, Rose Quartz

Personalised Intuitive Crystal ElixirsCrystal elixirs are used to invigorate the spirit, balance the emotions and heal the body. Note: Elixirs are not to be used as a replacement for conventional medicine and to be used only for upliftment. Please see your doctor if you have any physical ailments. Almond oil is used as base for all massage oils. Only natural ingredients are used. All oils, sprays and elixirs are packaged in a colourful organza bag.Spritzers/Mists - $20.00Lavender Aura Cleanse energised with Amethyst
Patchouli & Rose energised with Rose Quartz
Mandarin & Rosemary energised with Orange Citrine
Lemongrass energised with Citrine and Clear Quartz
Lime energised with Orange Citrine
Orange energised with Orange CitrineMassage Oils - $20.00"Mysterious" - body massage - Ylang Ylang energised in Clear Quartz Crystal
"Invigorate" - foot massage - Peppermint & Mandarin energised in Orange CitrineExfoliants (includes dish and ancient sea salt) - $25.00"Equilibrium" - Foot scrub - Lavender & Peppermint energised in Clear Quartz Crystal
"Radiance" - Body scrub - Rose energised in Rose Quartz CrystalRoll-on Massage Oils - massage around neck/gently massage into pulse points - $10.00"Clear Focus" - Lemongrass oil energised in Clear Quartz crystal
"Relax" - Lavender oil energised in Amethyst
"Freedom" - Peppermint & Rosemary oils energised in Amethyst
"Emotion" - Patchouli & Rose oils energised in Rose Quartz Crystal
"Goddess" - Jasmine & Vanilla oils energised in Rose Quartz Crystal
"Angel" - Vanilla oilenergised in Rose Quartz Crystal (gentle for babies and young children)
"Tranquility" - Ylang Ylang oil energised in Clear Quartz CrystalCrystal Elixirs - $15.00Intuitive crystal elixirs for upliftment made to order, or by special request. Postage and packaging to be arranged."Soul Mates" FramesFrames made to order with name and meaning, birth date, star sign and its attributes.Great gifts for weddings and/or anniversaries, birthdays, or just for those special people in your life! Also includes numerology life path number.Frames come in three sizes - single, double or triple (this includes an inspirational quote in middle of triple frame).Prices range from $50 - $100.Holistic Journey Eating PlanEating programme for health, wellbeing and balance - $80.00Reiki HealingReiki can also be performed by distant healing and can be just as beneficial as hands on healing. Distance healing works on the subtle body rather than the physical, as the universal energy is sent by intent. Please send me names of those who require healing and I will perform distance healing for them - Free service.
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Keywords: Massage Oils, Rose Quartz

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