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20th Century Neckties: Pre-1955 - 0764305786
Following the success of her first book about neckties, Popular & Collectible Neckties: 1955 to the Present, Roseann Ettinger presents the new volume about ties from an earlier period. Over 400 hundred color photographs illustrate the development of the necktie, from the turn of the century, through the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, and the War years. These neckties represent a record of textile and fashion trends, in what was often the only splash of color a man dared to wear. Mos.. $23.55
About Buttons: A Collector's Guide 150 A.D. to the Present - 088740555X
This is the most informative book available for the collector of buttons, written by a second-generation collector who has traveled the world over to expand her knowledge of this exciting collectible. The book presents over 10,000 buttons of all imaginable materials from 150 AD to the present in full color and relates their history and development around the world. Buttons have been the fastest growing part of the collecting world for the last few years, and this book tells you about the tren.. $57.97
Art Nouveau Desighners at the Paris Salons 1895 - 1914: Vol VI Textiles and Leather - 1851493743
The catalogs of the Paris Salons from the turn of the century provide a unique archive of illustrations of the decorative arts at a pivotal time in their development. Of the titles in Alastair Duncan's monumental magnum opus (Jewelry, Furniture, Ceramics & Glass, and Objects d'Art & Metalware), this is probably the most important. Wear and tear over the years mean that very few of the pieces illustrated here have survived outside museum collections or appeared at auction. The fabric designers.. $21.50
California Couture by Maureen Reilly - 0764309404
High fashion clothing designers from California produced stunning wardrobes for Hollywood stars that were trend-setting styles in the mid-20th century. Adrian, Irene, Helen Rose, Jean Louis, and William Travilla trained in the costume departments of the movie studios before they opened their own salons. Others, such as James Galanos, Rudi Gernreich, and Adolf Schuman (who founded the Lilli Ann company) chose to work their fashion magic in California. Both groups made original styles that infl.. $35.50
Collector's Guide to Chinese Dress Accessories - 9812047298
For the first time, here is a complete guide to Chinese dress accessories worn during the Qing dynasty and the period up to the middle of the twentieth century. The topics covered include headwear, jewelry, collars, xia pei, doudous, purses and fans, footwear and home furnishings. The author also provides readers background on techniques, symbolism, social relationships, and the official regulations governing dress. A valuable reference for students of Chinese history, art lovers, and antique.. $38.50
Coverlets and the Spirit of America - 0764316605
Here is a comprehensive tour of figured coverlets made between 1817 and 1869. These antique woven bedcovers, with their graphic and colorful images, provide a wonderful and perhaps unique snapshot of the bright optimism that was the 19th-century spirit of America. Over 100 coverlets are shown in full, in color, and on both sides. They include many early and rare pieces, offering an unprecedented reference on the subject. Nearly all are dated and/or identified, and all the major producing stat.. $50.97
Cowboy Equipment with Values - 0764304054
From saddles to silverware, this latest book by Joice Overton portrays the many various and diversified items that were so essential to the cowboy way of life. An invaluable source for historic reference as well as a present day guide for collectors, antique dealers, traders, and modern-day cowboys, this book's colorful photographs and information bring the Old West back to life, and will be of interest to all lovers of the Western Lore. Containing over 500 photographs along with helpful text.. $30.35
Dhurries - 0500511381
The dhurrie - for centuries a widely used floor covering in the Indian subcontinent - is becoming a cult item in Western decoration. Its striking colours and the powerful simplicity and variety of its designs are the perfect accompaniment to 21st-century interiors. This is the first thorough-going guide to the dhurrie, incorporating over 250 examples, most specially photographed. The history of dhurries stretches from the Ajanta cave paintings to the present day and readers will see here the .. $10.50
Fabric Traditions of Indonesia by Bronwen & Garrett Solyom - 087422019X
Fabric Traditions of Indonesia was published in conjunction with the exhibition "Fabric Traditions of Indonesia" organized by the Museum of Art, Washington State University. The exhibition was November 6 through December. 16, 1984 and then traveled to The Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington, March 9 through May 5, 1985. Chapters include: The Traditions & Their Beginnings Bark-cloth Beads & Shells: Echoes of an Ancient Trade Warp Stripes & Warp Ikat Exotic Silks & International Trade Of .. $6.00
Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalog Early 1980s - 0764308769
Everyday clothes of the everyday American consumer of the early 1980s are shown here. Hundreds of pictures portray clothing from the early days of the Preppie era. Dress-for-success argyles, puffy sleeved sweaters, jacket dresses, and corduroy suits helped build corporate culture. Explore the suggestive lingerie, slinky sleeveless dresses, and tight jeans women wore on the town, while their men showed up for the disco dance looking ready for a safari or a rodeo. Men and women donned sweatsuit.. $23.50
Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalog Late 1970s - 0764306006
The gamut of trends and fashions during the late 1970s are explored in this priceless pictorial review. Pages from the Sears catalogs open for a trip back in time to the disco era, the "me decade," the bundled-up fashions of the oil embargo, and the buckled-down cowboy look of the new macho man. Lace up your earth shoes for a trip to the prairie, take a tour of the peasant cultures of Eastern Europe, go on safari, hit the ski slopes, or go surfing. Join in the fitness craze, and take a look a.. $23.50
Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalog Mid 1970s - 0764307304
Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalog, Mid-1970s, illustrates a host of memorable styles from the transitional mid-'70s, ranging from bold colors, platform shoes, and flare-leg pants to leisure suits, traditional plaids, and tweed-textured fibers. It is an invaluable resource for fashion designers looking to revive and rework retro styles, for costume designers working to recreate an era, and for collectors trying to document vintage clothing. A visual treasure chest, this book offers a.. $23.50
Fiber Art Today by Carol Russell - 0764337777
Fiber Art Today is a thoughtful survey of fiber sculpture and wall art portrayed in 335 vibrant images and insightful text. It explores the work of three generations of fine artists who have opened their minds and spirits to the boundless range of expressive possibilities in textile methods or materials. Even as the art on these pages references weaving, crochet or quilting, traditional textile notions disappear in the hands of these artists, appropriating essential elements for their contemp.. $50.00
Handbags by Roseann Ettinger, 4th ed - 0764317229
Handbags have been an essential part of the feminine attire for nearly 200 years. This all-inclusive book showcases hundreds of unique handbags, from pouches worn in the dark ages to contemporary clutches, illustrated in 450 beautiful color images. This book traces the handbag's evolution as it has related to fashion and been influenced by history. The handbags range from delicate beaded reticules, to bold metal ring mesh bags and rhinestone-accented velvet evening bags. Leather, silk, plasti.. $23.50
Handcrafted Indian Textiles - 8174360840
Handcrafted Indian textiles, steeped in tradition, are the living heritage of the glory of India. The decade spanning 1980 - 1990 witnessed a renaissance in the promotion and revival of techniques, some of which were in danger of becoming extinct. Warps and wefts underwent a transformation, with assorted weaves being combined to produce "new from the old." The hundred and forty outstanding textiles represented in this book were selected from fifteen hundred especially commissioned from master.. $8.95
Hawaiian Shirt Designs - 0764300547
Beautiful and wild print shirts evolved from the special culture of Hawaii, a paradise of mild climate, clean water, and abundant flowers. With their beautiful Island landscapes, colorful tropical flowers, Asian images, surfer boys, and hula girls, Aloha shirts are great fun to wear and own. In this expansive book, over 425 different shirts are displayed in clear color photographs along with an historical text, women's clothing, 20 different button styles, and -- for the first time -- 229 res.. $28.97
Hooked Rugs of the Deep South by Jessie A. Turbayne - 0764338013
The tradition of rug hooking is alive and kicking in the Heart of Dixie. Through 844 images, meet the people behind these hooked rugs of art, including a Hollywood great that gave it all up to hook rugs in Georgia. Be incarcerated with Mississippi hookers at Jail House Rock. Visit a Tennessee home with an all rug-hooking decor. Meet a Southern Tasha Tudor who is "the" expert on natural dyeing. Take a look back at rug hooking in rural Alabama between the two World Wars, and see what was consid.. $59.99
Imperial Silks: Ch'ing Dynasty Textiles in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (2 Vols) - 1878529722
This stunning two-volume book is the long-awaited catalogue of the exquisite collection of Ch'ing (Qing) dynasty imperial textiles and costumes from the collection of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This collection has a rich history. Approximately half of it belonged to the San Francisco attorney William E. Colby, who had amassed the collection throughout the opportunistic decades of the 1920's and 1930's, and was acquired by The Minneapolis Institute of Arts under the advice of Alfred Pi.. $125.00
Japanese Children's Fabrics 1950s to 1970s - 0764319671
This book will take you on an unforgettable comic adventure through the colorful and cute imaginations of mid-century Japanese textile designers. Travel on the hem of fun with the vibrant children's manga or illustration that have been translated into delightful fabric designs. Over 300 images portray children, animals, and whimsical worlds, all beautifully photographed to peak the interest of fabric collectors and historians, sewing enthusiasts, designers, and those who love all things Japan.. $26.55
Kimono - Vanishing Tradition by Cheryl Imperatore & Paul MacLardy - 0764312286
Kimono is a generic term for traditional Japanese clothing; it means thing to wear. This book provides an overview of some traditional garments, introduces types of designs found in twentieth century kimono that are still available, and presents wearable art inspired by kimono from contemporary artists. The text gives price ranges for items that would be reasonable in a store or gallery, and explains what to look for when collecting. It is the only book we know of that provides values for kim.. $34.30
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