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By: Crossfit Wanganui  05-Apr-2012
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The first workout was revealed Feb 22nd and what a wicked way to start the season:

Workout 12.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:


This workout begins from the standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Score is total reps completed.

How did the rest of the World and our Region (Australasia) stack up?

Mens Leader (Worldwide/Region) – 161/148
Womens Leader (Worldwide/Region) – 143/135

Burpees Yay! Well I don’t actually recall that as being the first statement out of the mouths of any of our athletes! But hey it’s a nice simple one at least, but CF teaches you that “simple” is simply bad bad news!!!

Friday brought about the first couple of heats, and our peeps stepped up big time. Dion set a cracking pace, heck this dude drops into a burpee like a damn crazy man! And finished with 87 (89 completed 2nd attempt day later), awesome work. Meanwhile in another corner of the box, quietly going about her work was Karli, no suicidal body drops, no grunting, just a casual 82 burpees completed, WICKED EFFORT!!! But our resident “ass-kicker” Chris busted out 100, and walked away like it was nothing, that guy is a friggin legend.

Heat 2 saw Matt set the bar high at 79reps, and I think this was seen as a challenge by an under the weather James, and he did enough to pip him at the post with 80reps. Competition is great for adding intensity!!!

On Sat the athletes who had missed out or wanted to better their results had a crack. Dion added 2reps to get a PB of 89, Jay kicked ass and finished with 79, Vinnie (a big unit, tough WOD for him) got 65, Meghan with an awesome 74, and we were joined by big Mike from Hawera (cheers for the visit bro) and he cracked 47, nice!

OK special mention here to James he posted a huge improvement on the day before reaching 91 (+11). But here’s where the measure of the man comes through, we had uneven numbers meaning I was the only one left to perform, and jokingly said “who wants to help take the pressure off me, and do it again”. without hesitation James stepped up, so after only 5min rest from his 2nd attempt in 2 days James crushed another 81, 252 burpees in 2days!!!

*Isiaha did well to hit 78, when performing this by himself at his house, hard without any competition*

Karli 1 82 1
Jay 2 79 2
Meghan 3 74 3
Raven 4 67 4
Tania 4 67 4
Megan 6 55 6
Rihi 7 52 7
Rachel 8 41 8
Sue 9 41 9
Ashton 10 40 10
Raewyn 11 35 11
Trish 13 DNS 13
Katrina 13 DNS 13
Myles 1 105 1
Chris 2 100 2
James 3 91 3
Dion 4 89 4
Matt 5 79 5
Isiaha 6 78 6
Tere 7 75 7
Vinnie 8 65 8

Keywords: Athlete

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Special mention to Trish and Raven who although missing 12.1/12.2 are still holding a strong 3rd and 4th position, who knows where they may have been if they have of completed all Open WOD’s, pushing Jay I bet!!. No more Burpees or Wall Balls in the Open - AMEN. WARM (No change on Leaderbd – GOOD or BAD).