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By: Crossfit Birkenhead  06-Dec-2011


Need equipment for CrossFit?

Equipment that is used at many New Zealand CrossFit affiliates is now available for sale to the public.  It’s all being used and abused daily in our Workout of the Day at Birkenhead and at many other CrossFit affiliates around New Zealand so you know it ain’t gonna fall apart when you throw down in your garage!

How to order?

To get a quote, just fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm price and delivery and to finalize the order.

If you are preparing to open an Affiliate, contact me to discuss fitting out your box.  I can supply all equipment needed at a bulk discount rate and advise on equipment required.

Coloured Olympic Bumper Plates

Full rubber and steel inserts make these very durable. Rated to withstand over 30,000 drops. Olympic Bumper Plates are available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg’s.

Price: NZD $7 per Kilogram

20kg Mens Olympic Barbell (Womens bar 15kg, $240)

28mm Zinc plated spring steel shaft, needle bearings in sleeves for smooth spin.

Price: NZD $250

Adjustable Height Squat Rack with Dip Bars.

Rated for 300kg. Currently used in CrossFit gyms around the Country.

Price: NZD $250

Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Collars

Best choice for Bumper Plate workouts! Securely locking Snap-Latch. One-hand installation and removal

Price: NZD $55.00/Pair

Olympic Spring Collars

Chrome plated easy on-off collars

Price: NZD $9.50/Pair


Powder coated steel frame Parallettes. Parallettes can be used for various Gymnastics holds, Handstands and elevated push ups.

Price: NZD $75

Gymnastic Rings

Grooved molding improves grip, 4metre long nylon straps and lever clamps for easy height adjusting. These could be hung from a deck, tree, playground etc.

Price: NZD $79

Pull-up Bands

Available in the following sizes: Small (Purple), Medium (Green) and Large (Blue)

Price: Purple NZD $25, Green NZD $35, Blue NZD $40

Soft Med Ball

Available in 9LB, 14LB and 20LB

Made to conform to Rx CrossFit standards

Price: 9LB NZD$65, 14LB NZD $70 20LB NZD $75

Large Foam Roller

90cm Length. Used for myofascial release to loosen up knotted muscles.

Price: Price NZD$45

Wrist Support Straps

Elastic strapping provides superior support for wrists when doing Oly lifts. Now in black, one size fits all.

Price: Price NZD$28

Pull up grips

Leather pull up grips to protect hands from tearing during high rep WoD’s. Suede grips well on bar and grips can be left on for Olympic lifts without affecting grip. Have lasted over 6 months now for a member who trains hard 5-6 x per week

Price: NZD $28

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