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By: Creationheart  06-Dec-2011

If I had to describe what NZ was up to in 3 words it would be : Rugby World Cup!

If I had to describe what NZ was up to in 2 words it would be: All Blacks!

If I had to describe what NZ was up to in one word: Celebration!

New Zealand is crazy about rugby. And with All Blacks victory over France in the RWC final we have certainly gone even crazier! It has been a remarkable one and half months since the launch of the RWC and there’s just an ever building up of atmosphere in this country. We’ve now reached the point of having to release such energy and excitement. Hence the victory parades! It’s incredible!! Auckland was once again packed with people who were ready to witness and share the joy of All Blacks’ victory.

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New Zealand is crazy about rugby. So we bought the world cup to us, and now are hosting the largest ever sports event in the nation’s history. By memory the only rugby game I watched properly was about eight years ago, the night before sitting my final exam? It was England vs Australia at RWC Final. I can’t even remember who took the trophy in the end. But regardless whether you watch, like, play rugby at all, the wide spread of excitement has certainly infiltrated every person in the country. And when it finally arrives. Boom! It lid up the whole Auckland City!! Streets, bars, the viaduct, downtown Auckland were so congested that it was impossible to move. It felt like any push from people would have broken the equilibrium of safety and literally cause people to fall. It was over crowding! But that’s why I was there – to soak in this RWC atmosphere. You know how we say NZ has more sheep than people right? This feels like the once in a life time turn around. ; )

I was fortunate enough to have a friend who lives nearby the CBD and offered for me to park at his carpark. This really saved the hassle of waiting for buses when retreating from the city.  I’ve heard people stood hours before getting into a bus or a train. That would be a nightmare. NZ’s transport system was never really prepared to handle this amount of people, and this is based on common knowledge. But I am sure same thing would have happened to most other countries too.

Some short-lived peaceful moments before hyper-excitement begins…

Auckland was extra vibrant in this evening of celebration.

Here comes the All Black fans…

Then more tried to jump into the photo…

As I set up my tripod trying to take some shots, people on the street always want to come in your way.

The Tonga fan club is here!

It’s pretty intense playing against NZ All Blacks. ^^

Look at their expressions…haha!

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I spent a fair amount of my childhood at my grandparents place. Every school holidays, my parents would drop me there in the morning and pick me up after they finishing work in the afternoon. So together for me and my two, or sometimes three cousins, that’s where we grew up. In those days we didn’t have massive theme parks to go to; we didn’t have fancy entertainment facilities; we didn’t even have the flash entrance tickets, all we had was that convenient but unattractive, desolate but peaceful Memorial Park slash Martyrs Cemetery.

It’s the most and most ordinary park for many, but a place of special sentiment and attachment for me and my family. It’s just like the coffee shop across the street, you know you don’t go there everyday, but when you do, it always welcomes you. It’s just there. As kids we knew that place so well that we were granted “free” access through various designated access points (without getting caught). I guess we were quite naughty then, but hey we weren’t bad. : )

I remember dad he used to tell me how blessed our generation was compared to his, but at the same time he would also stress that it was more fun back in his days when everybody played in the fields, by the rivers and in the farms. The world has oviously moved on fast since and we now have massive theme parks built in and around big cities, geared up for millions of visits on a daily basis. Simply can’t compare!

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I have to admit that the past week was a rather smooth week for me. I had work, I enjoyed my meals, then I came home from work and dinners I could enjoy a shower, surf the Internet, and go to sleep. Then next day goes on. But we should remind ourselves that while we could happily live our lives satisfied or dissatisfied, over the other side of the country, across the ocean, there are people who are hungry, sleepless, hurt, homeless and heartbroken…

The memorial service was held in both Christchurch and Auckland on 18 March. Many Aucklanders and with people from different parts of the country gathered in the Auckland Museum to take part of this event – “Memorial Service of Condolence and Hope”. Yes, in the event of disasters, hope is most needed.

All the seats were filled and left people standing at the back.

School performamce

Many leaders went up the stage to give their speech.

Various religions came together, and offer their prayers.

Memorial Service concluded. People began to line up to put red flowers as an act of remembering this tragedy and the people who lost their lives.

The entire Auckland Museum was lit by red lights…that night, the city was washed by the rain.

Everytime when disaster strikes I tend to remember Yuna’s unforgettable quote from Final Fantasy X…

“Everyone… everyone has lost something precious. Everyone here has lost homes, dreams, and friends. Everybody… Now, Sin is finally dead.
Now, Spira is ours again. Working together… Now we can make new homes for ourselves, and new dreams. Although I know the journey will be hard, we have lots of time. Together, we will rebuild Spira. The road is ahead of us, so let’s start out today.
Just, one more thing… The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded…
Never forget them.”

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Fashion is an industry that closely associate with photography and it’s one of the most important aspects of modern photography. Such inspiration-driven industry is all about working with ideas and concepts eventually develop new trends, new styles and new looks. Recently the American TV show Make Me a Supermodel really inspired me to pay attention to that little details in photoshoot. The subtle expression, the eye contact, the striking of pose really show how serious and sophisticated fashion photography is all about.

I think she did an awesome cat walk…

The coolest look

And here are some behind the scene photos…

Eva & Denise’s final work…

We had an awesome fundraising ball on Friday night. I became one of the sponsors for the event, auctioning a 2hr photography service. Although it didn’t hit its market value but it did sell for a reasonable price. Yeah! I hope whoever won the auction will enjoy this 2hr photography session. I am really happy that I can contribute my skills in such a way that could bring blessing to the needed. That night we had excellent turn out at the ball and we exceeded our fund-raising goal of $3000. Out of the many photos I took for that evening I have shortlisted these 10 photos to be the best captures.

10 – the Zion girls enjoying dancing

9 – SPARCK, Special Performing ARtist in Christ Kingdom

8 – lynie’s cute pose

7 – no comment : )

6 – I like the sharpness, DOF, and the expression of her face

5 – a group of passionate Jai Ho dancers

4 – Kwadwo’s glamourous moment.lol

3 – the dedicated mucisians…XD

2 – very emo…

1 – the winning photo goes to Esther Ling who put in so much effort in organising this fundraising soiree

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