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By: Craigs Investment Partners  06-Dec-2011
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Our private Wealth Management Services are for individuals and organisations looking to create, grow and sustain their wealth with the right level of investment, advice, management and support from a team of professionals. No matter where you are on your pathway to success, how experienced an investor you are, or how involved in your investing you want to be, we have a service to suit.

Personalised Investment Solutions

Craigs Investment Partners philosophy underpins all our Wealth Management Services and our unique approach enables our Investment Advisory team to “Discover and Deliver” the best investment solution to meet your needs.

Building an effective investment strategy and portfolio requires an understanding of your unique needs. This includes understanding your goals, your investing timeframe, how you feel about risk and how involved you want to be in looking after your investments.

Establishing your goals and identifying your financial needs

We believe in getting the basics right, so we start by understanding you and your investment needs. Often overlooked, this is the most important step in the entire investment process. This analysis of your needs, your appetite for risk and your short and long-term objectives are the basis for our advisory service.

The better your Investment Adviser knows you and what you want to achieve, the better he or she will be able to deliver the most suitable investment strategy.

Developing your personal strategy for investing

At this stage we help you correctly structure a portfolio of investments to meet your specific objectives. In most cases a portfolio would be spread across a selection of investments in the following asset classes:

  • Direct shares or listed investment trusts
  • Fixed interest securities
  • Property through listed property trusts
  • Cash held at-call or on short-term fixed rate deposit

The way your assets are split between these four main asset classes will largely determine the risk and return profile of your portfolio. This is known as the asset allocation. The natural requirement to maximise returns needs to be balanced with your tolerance for risk and volatility in the value of your portfolio.

Implementing and maintaining your strategy for investing

Only after formulating the most appropriate asset allocation for you will your Investment Adviser consider the specific investments to be included in your portfolio. Like asset allocation, the make-up of your portfolio is customised to suit your unique requirements. Your Investment Adviser will regularly review your investments to ensure that they are in line with your overall investment strategy and personal objectives.

An investment review would usually cover:

  • Understanding any changes in your personal circumstances, which may affect your investment goals
  • Confirming your risk profile
  • Reviewing your asset allocation and rebalancing your portfolio if it has moved away from the desired allocation
  • An assessment of the performance of your portfolio against benchmarks
  • Making recommendations for change if necessary, and implementing your decisions
Continuing the commitment to reaching your goals

Your Investment Adviser will be in regular contact with you, providing you with timely information and information advice as well as promptly resolving any questions you may have. At all times, you will be dealing with a trained professional who is committed to providing ongoing expertise and meeting your investment requirements.

Your Investment Adviser will also review your personal financial circumstances and consider any implications this may have on your portfolio.

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