Copic Ciao Marker Pens

By: Crafts Online  05-Apr-2012
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Copic Ciao Marker Pens.

I've found some information about these pens. Firstly they are dual brush pens. Yes that is stating the obvious. However looking at the nib ends and I have to say that this is a whole lot better than the other brands. Umm you know what I mean. The fine tip is the same as other brands nothing new there. But the chisel end of the dual tips is brilliant. Gone are the days of colouring and endless struggle to avoid loads of lines the chisel end gets the job done is half the strokes needed in other brands.

Blending, yes let talk blending, these pens have the ability to be activated even after they have dried. So it's a put the colour in place, sit make a decision and then remake the decision and start blending and the colour already placed reactivates and the two colours blend. There's lots to learn about these pens, i've barely touched the surface.

It's a system not just a bunch of colours. There is a blending pen but hey i'm told you don't actually need one, they will blend fine without one. (personally I haven't tried that bit yet). Then the numbering of the pens is not just about numbers, but colour groups and the amount of pigment in the colour group and the saturation. Okay sounds confusing, well it is to start off with. But once you have worked with these pens you soon get the hang of them.

Colours to choose from well only 180. Yip that's a whole lot of colours and a whole lot of decisions. But being women descision is in our nature no problems there.

Keywords: Pens