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By: Cowhouse  06-Dec-2011
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Housing Cows? What Is What?

Before we start talking about housing cows, lets define what this means, there are several terminologies used by many people it is important knowing what is what and by using the right wording we can better define financial, animal wellbeing and environmental cost/benefits Basically when we talk housing cows we mean a "freestall" which means a general concept of cows in "loose housing with places to rest and to move around and eat at will" Within that concept there are various models.. Wintering barn . use for wintering only, relatively simple and cheap, cheap matting or sawdust/peel, reduced space per animal and mostly open sides (no walls) limited room for eating. Good for wintering only but not suitable for milking. Hybrid Freestall Technology A Freestall system designed for wintering and milking (and possibly calving) and all year round use as feedpad. Build along specific design guidelines with a very strong focus on animal wellbeing. Soft top or covered feedpad (herdhome, red path, cowtel™) generally a covered feedpad, with or without resting places for cows to lay on, OK for cows to be housed for shorter periods, not suitable for full time 24/7 housing over extended periods. Can be used as Feedpad all year round. Maybe limited to specific area's due to snow and or wind loadings. Softop roofing needs replacing from time to time.


Cowhouse Ltd works preferably with independent but accredited Master Builders whom are licensed to build a Free stall Cowhouse design. Cowhouse Ltd does not build the infrastructure! we get others to do that. This ensures you have options and we can get the best price and best design quality for money. We have worked with various building firms and as such have a very good ideas whom we can work with in what area and whom we have difficulties with. It also means we can based on the design you have chosen assign and recommend which builder to use. Separate agreements for all other work like electrical, plumbing and pond construction are quoted for based on specifications submitted by Cowhouse Ltd. Where possible we choose to work with established and experienced builders we have worked with before. However if you have an establish relationship with a builder we will ensure they will become familiar with what needs to be done and license them in the process as a licensed Free stall Cowhouse™ provider. Once construction commences, its all go, often various teams are working in sync to make best use of time and resources. The Cowhouse Ltd team has extensive experience in ensuring all quality and design aspects of your new Free stall Cowhouse are completed as per intended design.


The interior of a Free stall Cowhouse tm is like a building a house.. once we know what the "shell" looks like you need to "decorate it" , what kitchen, what bathroom etc, A Free stall Cowhouse tm is no different, there are many options in what to put in a Free stall Cowhouse tm. Stall frames, mattress and matting, brushes, water troughs, scrapers, effluent pumps, feeding lane design etc. For everything there are options, many options, I ensure you know the facts and reasons on what works and what does not, I have the very best of suppliers from around the world and NZ "on hand" and facilitate and ensure you get the very best for your cows. To give you an example, 3 Free stall Cowhouse tm in the South island within a 10 K radius where all different, yet all herd sizes where the same! Everything to do with housing cows comes down to experience, very few if any other people in NZ or Aus can deliver you as much experience and background as our team can. This is not about selling you, its about ensuring you and your animals get the very best there is for the very best of outcomes and you are given the best choices. Every provider we work with will have an accreditation to the Cowhouse tm brand..that means you can rely on quality.

Sludge Management

When we are talking effluent we talk low solids high water content material from a Dairyshed, when we talk sludge we talk material which comes out of a cowhouse or feedpad. How do we deal with this may vary on individual farm needs, soil structures and weather issues. Specialist storage, pumping and mixing equipment are needed. In most of our system designs we engage the criteria of least amount of daily work, V maximum use of fertiliser content application.

Complete Project

There is nothing like seeing it all completed and cows happy and content in the Cowhouse tm. While other farmers are battling mud and wet, cows cold and shivering, you are simply watching them being content and warm. In shoulder seasons you use the Cowhouse tm for cold nights and keeping that feed up to them to reduce waste in the paddocks and increase grass availability for peak production. Animal welfare is the best it possibly can be and very seldom have you seen cows so content. Plan now. this is the future One of my clients after a major flood " we had 200mm in 6 days (annual rainfall 11 mm) the cows did not even notice "it was the easiest flood I have had for managing the cows, it was great, we had fully fed dry warm cows and zero pasture damage"

Calving Area On Softpad Inside

While some farmers drive around in the dark and rain checking calving cows, others do the rounds in their normal work cloths and by permanent light and comfort


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