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By: CooperAitken  06-Dec-2011

The questionnaire is a formal requirement and is integral to completing the work papers for your financial statements. Please make sure you put your name on the questionnaire.It is important that this is completed, signed and returned with your records.

We will send you a letter advising you of the date we would like you to bring your records to CooperAitken, this will include the date that we intend to process your annual accounts. A month before your papers are due we will send you a reminder, plus an estimated cost of completing your annual accounts.

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To work out the GST on an inclusive figure, you divide it by 23 then multiply by 3 i.e. Price 115 including you divide it by 23 and multiply by 3 and you will come up with 15. It means your annual accounts take less time for us to prepare - saving you money. To work out the net price you must take the GST away from the inclusive price. To add GST on an exclusive figure you multiply by 1.15 i.e. 100 + GST = 115.


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