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By: Control Concepts  06-Dec-2011
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   Innotech Control Systems Australia has been designing and manufacturing controls

   for over 26 years. Innotech products are high quality, innovative, and are supported

   by a network of local and international distributors.

   The advantage of using Innotech products is that our clients are able to throw off the

   shackles of contemporary control companies. This is because Innotech is open protocol

   in the Maxim range, which allows any company to maintain or tune the system following

   installation. Training is free to anyone who requests it.

   Recent changes in the market have led to the consolidation of the BACnet protocol

   as the main internationally recognised control protocol for HVAC systems.

   Innotech and Control Concepts are at the forefront of these developments and

   have been interfacing with BACnet devices from a variety of manufacturers with

   also capable of providing one-off boxed control solutions.

   Building Management Systems   

   Control Concepts specialises in creating customised building management systems (BMS)

   capable of encompassing HVAC, water, lighting and  electrical systems.

   Our BMS packages allow our clients to view, control and report on their building plant.

   Each package is customised to the specific requirements of the project, and all control

   logic is custom written for New Zealand conditions, instead of standard libraries written

   for overseas conditions.


   Our Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) are built to work for those who use them. GUI's for

   HVAC systems are often built to exclusively cater to those who are familiar with

   commercial HVAC and engineering, leaving staff who must use the system but are not

   competent in HVAC to struggle with non-intuitive interfaces and pages covered in jargon.


  Our interfaces are built in such a way that those desiring a more simplified user experience

  are catered for, while still making available the layers of information required by

  maintenance staff and administrators.

  Some of the functions our BMS systems are capable of:

  Logging, Trending of All Points

  Billing/Report Production on Electricity, Water Use & CO2 Production

  Touchscreen or Mouse Driven Display - 22" Minimum

  Simultaneous Multiple User External Access

  High Level Interface to 3rd Party Devices & Plant Items

  O&M Manuals Incorporated Into User Interface

   Innotech BACnet Interface  

   Control Concepts is experienced in providing BACnet interfaces for VRV/VRF systems,

   power meters, and general plant. To date we have successfully completed contracts

   interfacing with VRV/VRF BACnet gateways from all the leading manufacturers,

   including Daikin, Mitshubishi Heavy, Toshiba etc. It is not uncommon for us to

   troubleshoot BACnet problems for other controls companies in this area.

   BACnet has lately gained traction as the world standard in comms protocols for

   building automation and control networks. The Innotech BACnet gateway and Icomm

   database allows us to seamlessly interface with any BACnet device as part of the

   solutions we offer.


    Innotech Maxim Series

   The Innotech Maxim series is a state of the art processing system that has the

   capability of controlling various types of industrial, commercial, and domestic systems.

   The Maxim series offers great flexiblity for smaller scale or less complex automatic

   plant operation.

   The Maxim series can operate as a standalone device, using its own universal inputs

   and analogue and digital outputs to receive information and control external

   simple to use, yet powerful configuring, monitoring/debugging, simulating, and

   extracting tools.


   Innotech Genesis Series

The Innotech GENESIS II system is a state-of-the-art processing system that has
the capability of controlling various types of industrial systems. Although the
GENESIS II system is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of applications, it is
primarily designed to control large scale heating, ventilation and air conditioning
(HVAC) systems. The main unit of the GENESIS II System hardware is the
GENESIS II Controller, which is operationally tailored to the customer’s specific
application requirements by GEN2 Software applications and several types of
hardware modules. These modules are referred to collectively as Remote
Expansion Modules (REMs). Several types of software programs are used to
configure the hardware to the customer’s intended application and to assist in
plant-monitoring, data logging and analysis, data exchange and troubleshooting.

                                                  AUSTRALIA LTD.

   Smart Temp is a dynamic supplier of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning controls.

   They offer a wide selection of locally produced product as well as a selection of the best

   controls the world has to offer.

   Formed in 2000 by the two directors, John Koumanidis and Peter Symons to meet the

   needs of an ever expanding and demanding industry, Smart Temp delivers exceptional

   products with excellent pricing and supplies them with outstanding service and support.

   Control Concepts offers Smart Temp products as an alternative to other non-

   programmable HVAC controllers, when they fit into a controls design. They also offer

   Price competitive and robust and with BACnet/Modbus interfacing options.

    Smart Temp 770 HMI

   The Smart Temp 770 HMI is a powerful web-based graphical user interface that is

   simple to program and powerful enough for small to medium sized air conditioning


   Once set up, it displays the system using animated graphics based on a Linus OS.

   The box is small and uses flash memory for internal storage. It connects to your

   PC by simple connection to a hub or router port. No dedicated PC or external software

   is necessary.

   Some of the available functions are:

   - Internally maintained scheduling

   - Trend collection, display and export

   - Alarm condition monitoring

   - Calculations on active points

   - Activity log

   - Template system for quickly cloning points, graphics etc.

   - Mulitple simultaneous users

   The system supports multiple protocols and allows mapping between devices.

  Contains full animated graphics package.

  Perpetual 365 day scheduling.

  Contact us at Control Concepts for more information on this product and how it

  could be used in your project.

    Smart Temp 920 - Viking

    Smart Temp 770 - Chameleon


Keywords: Air Conditioning, Hvac

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