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By: Context Connect  06-Dec-2011

Context Connect, LLC (“CCL”) is focused on delivering solutions that improve and enhance connectivity among individuals in a private way.  “Names are the New Number”

Directory as a Service (DaaS) Platform

Contextual listings

The solution allows individuals to control and manage their own directory listing or contextual alias within the community or group they belong in.  Individuals can create multiple listings, depending on the nature of their groups.  Such directory listings can be as follows

  • Professional listing – (Steve at IBM Consulting)
  • Role based listing – (IT Technology, HP, Atlanta)
  • Marketable listing – (Best Pizza in Boston)
  • Personal listing – (Les at Red Lions Club)
  • Social network listing – (

ccAlert Mass Notification Service

  • Send message to “Fire Chief, Mid County Rescue Squad”
  • Send an Urgent message to “Night Shift group, Clarkson Fire Department”

AdvertDA Advertising Solution

The CCL AdvertDA Advertising Solution provides businesses with an effective ad channel directed at targeted community groups, based on the way they communicate with one another within the groups they belong to.  Merchants can link an ad-based or sponsor-based advertisement with any private connectivity or transaction that is enabled, given customers a free or discounted service, while promoting the merchant’s brand.

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