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By: Connect Recruitment  05-Apr-2012

Having a flexible workforce that has the right skills when you need them and can hit the ground running is where temporary staff and contractors can really add value.  We can meet all your short and long term temporary and contract recruitment needs, whether it is holiday cover, a short term contract due to workflow fluctuations, project work or a hard to fill position, we are able to help.

The benefits:

  • You are not the employer..we are.
  • You can end the contract at short notice if circumstances change, without penalty.
  • The employee is clearly aware of the temporary nature of the work
  • We take care of employee administration, pay, PAYE, ACC, holiday pay, sick pay etc. You sign off their weekly timesheet and we send you an all inclusive hourly rate invoice.

Selecting productive, talented staff:

The effectiveness of our temporary staff is as important as it is for your own permanent employees so it makes sense that we use the same processes to select temporary staff as we do for permanent staff.

Our standard minimum screening process includes:

  • Telephone pre-screen
  • Face to face interview
  • Skills test
  • 2 verbal references with direct supervisors from previous employment
  • Licence & Ticket verification
  • Confirmation of eligibility to work
  • Criminal background check
  • Credit Referencing
  • Additional assessments such as MBTI (Myers Briggs) and OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) can be undertaken on request.

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